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University of Technology Presents Expo Tlaxcala 2022

University of Technology Presents Expo Tlaxcala 2022

The Technological University of Tlaxcala (UTT) It will host Expo-Ciencias 2022, to be held from October 5-7 this year, and is aimed at children and youth interested in developing and presenting scientific and technological research, innovation and publishing projects.

At a press conference, the parsonage of Tlaxcala Technological University He noted that this event will allow schools to update themselves in technological developments and therefore are of great interest to researchers and academics.

He pointed out that the students will be connected to artistic and cultural activities that will contribute to the formation of better citizens and professionals in each of their specializations.

At that time, he was a manager Science Fair Tlaxcala, Martin Mauricio Sosa PardoHe pointed out that the country witnessed high participation rates at the national level during the previous sessions, and through which it obtained accreditations at the international level.

He pointed out that in the tenth edition of the program science expo At the national level, 32 states of the republic will participate with a goal of more than 500 projects, in which the student community of preschool, primary, secondary and universities in various forms and categories are invited to participate.

Meanwhile, the Expo-Ciencias format in UTT Expect to receive more than 100 research and innovation projects that spread science and technology among the youth of Tlaxcalans.

He stated that there will be five categories in which those interested can participate, in 11 areas, with the intention of obtaining 17 accreditations representing countries Tlaxcala At the National Science Fair, which will be held from December 6 to 9 this year in San Luis Potosi.

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Added that as part of Tlaxcala Science Fair 2022, They will conduct competitions, cultural visits, workshops, forums and conferences on topics on science and technology.

The requirements for those interested are: to be a regular student enrolled in a public educational institution, to submit a project for publication and innovation, to submit the project by one to three students and a consultant, to actively work on the project from an institution, each team will be responsible for presenting and defending your project before the evaluation committee.

The categories of participants are: Small science gang (children from pre-school, 1st and 2nd grade), children (children from 3rd to 6th grade), youth (secondary), upper middle and higher. In the participating fields: exact and natural sciences, medicine and health, social and human sciences, engineering, agricultural and food sciences, popularization of sciences, environment, mechatronics, materials science, biology, and computing and software.

Registration will be open until September 23, for more information see the page www.expociencias.net or phone number 2474725307.