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María Luz Cuadrado, académica correspondiente de Neurología de la RANME

The Academy of Medicine has a new Academy of Neurology

María Luz Cuadrado Perez, a neurologist who specializes in headaches.

The Royal National Academy of Medicine of Spain (RANME) I have mentioned it Perez Square Light This is the new corresponding academy Neurology from this institution.

This was decided at the RANME Board of Directors held this month, in which the academic positions corresponding to the various departments of the Royal Institution were voted on.

Perez Square professor of medicine from the Complutense University of Madrid, Vice Dean for Academic Planning at the Complutense College of Medicine, and also belongs to the Headache Unit at San Carlos Clinical Hospital.

In 2016 she won an award Spanish Society of Neurology (SEN)at the suggestion of a study group headache diseases and SEN Partners, for the scientific impact it has had on the description of new taxonomic entities in headache.

Other RANME academics were elected in this session

Besides the election of María Luz Cuadrado, RANM has announced the names of the other academics elected at this session:

Bio Mathematics: Victor Manuel Maugo Garcia

human genetics: Carmen Ayuso Garcia

Molecular Biology and Biochemistry: Jesus Avila de Grado

Rheumatology: Francisco Javier Blanco Garcia

Neurology: Maria de la Luz Square Perez

Radiological diagnosis: Louis Donoso Bach

Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery: Carlos Garcia Montero Blanco

Trauma: Francisco Javier Bezones Arce

Experimental and regenerative surgery: Jesus Osun Gargalo

Bioethics: Angel Hernandez Gil

Health bioinformatics: Paul Mingez Paniagua

Protective medicine: Jose Vicente Toles Hernandez

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