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Universidad del Litoral reopens its engravings for face-to-face professions

Universidad del Litoral reopens its engravings for face-to-face professions

The UN Network also noted that “in order to ensure inclusive and high-quality education for students with disabilities, The Inclusion and Quality of Life District is making the necessary adjustments to ensure academic access and communication for its students.”

Students with special needs can communicate with Embed UNL by WhatsApp at (342) 154065194 Or make a video call at (342) 155127651.

As for the races whose registration will be accepted next week, they belong to University of Galvez Center (University Food Technician) University Center Reconquista-Avellaneda (University Technician in Food Technology).

In the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, enrollees can choose Agricultural engineering, in veterinary sciences via veterinary medicine, while in engineering and water sciences through environmental engineering; space engineering; water resources engineering; cartographer surveyor; University technician in automation and robotics.

Registration is open for jobs in the College of Chemical Engineering Industrial Analyst. food engineering; BA in Applied Mathematics; materials engineering; Industrial engineering; Chemical Engineering; Certificate in Physics. Certificate in Chemistry. Chemistry teacher; Analytical Chemist Bachelor’s degree in Food Science and Technology.

In the Faculty of Legal and Social Sciences, they can enroll in Law and a degree in social work, while humanities and science degrees are taught in biodiversity, political science, and philosophy, as well as taught courses in geography, history, literature, biology, and mathematics.

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