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Deny medical exams that take 15 minutes

Deny medical exams that take 15 minutes

The certification exam for the psychophysical competency of workers takes at least an hour and a half, according to specialists.

Aviation technical personnel denounced the application 15-minute “quick” psychophysical exams in private clinics across the countrySince the medical examination that is performed to determine whether a person is fit to fly includes a series of tests, At a minimum, it will take an hour and a half to complete.

For 3000 pesos, the Medical City Clinic, located in Culiacan, Sinaloa, publicly promotes comprehensive psychiatric and physical examination services in “less than an hour‘, which is a very short period of time, according to doctors familiar with the matter.

The various testimonies of pilots and controllers interviewed in this way confirmed that Dr. Adrian Carmona Huerta, licensed by the Ministry of Communications and Transport (SICT), He did not perform any kind of examination or testHe only asked if they were OK and sent the verdict.

The specialists, who asked not to be identified, stated that the medical examination for these characteristics cannot be done in less than an hour because various examinations are performed, such as Audiometry, ECG, vision examination and psychological evaluationamong other things.

In addition to the tests, You must add the corresponding time to fill in the patient’s data In the General Directorate of Protection and Preventive Medicine in Transport (DGPMPT) system, which is usually complex, one expert said. Just pick up the test results can Takes up to 25 minutesSure.

“I I don’t understand how they can take the test in less than an hourUnless they falsify the data.”

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On their part, two pilots commented on this method that during the last time they conducted a psychophysical assessment, The process took approximately three hours in each case.

The authorized third-party software was eliminated after Ricardo Neri Villa, the former director of Preventive Medicine, conducted an audit in which he claimed to have found multiple evidence of malpractice, as well as the discovery of a web of corruption by the authorities, and In 2021, SICT decided to temporarily reopen the program In the meantime, the capacity of the preventive transport medicine medical units has been strengthened.

Permit Regulations Repair

On January 22, reforms to the regulations for issuing permits, licenses and capacity certifications for aviation technical personnel came into effect, which were implemented as part of the authorities’ efforts to Class 1 aviation security restoration In Front Of The Federal Aviation Administration Of The United States.

According to Francisco MacGregor, a consultant pilot, instructor, and resident with over 14 years of experience, These changes have no depthbut they are limited to changing some terms, and it is certain It is not something that will affect the operations that the Anti-Fraud and Corruption Department is committed to.