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UASLP Autonomous University of San Luis Potosi maintains call for Master's degree in Habitat Sciences

The independent University of San Luis Potosi UASLP launches the Scire platform, a vehicle for scientific and technological dissemination

The Autonomous University of San Luis Potosi has implemented a presentation of the Scire Platform in the auditorium of the Faculty of Chemical Sciences (FCQ), which seeks to become a vehicle for the scientific and technological dissemination of chemical, biological, food and chemical sciences. .

Scire is a platform created to report on various aspects that arise from the research, educational activities, history and academic work of the college’s undergraduate and graduate educational programs.

The presentation was chaired by the Rector of the University, Dr. Alejandro Zerminio Guerra, accompanied by the Director of the Campus, Dr. Alma Gabriela Palestino Escobedo. Secretary of Research and Graduate Studies at the institution, d. Amaury de Jesús Pozos Guillén; Physicians Maria del Carmen Gonzalez Castillo, General Coordinator of Postgraduate Studies, and Sergio Rosales Mendoza, Research Coordinator at the host entity.

Dr. Alejandro Zerminio Guerra was pleased to know that the community is being thought about so that science is learned in an acceptable language, and also in an effort to be inclusive, as the project focuses on the Tének community in the state to get them involved in scientific progress.

He recognized that the project had the great wealth of being collaborative and institutional, for a college faculty, “this has the great advantage of encouraging the community to read something that can be understood without having experience in the sciences like that developed in the faculty of chemical sciences.”

He added that through this exercise, he notes the need to strengthen links between societies at various levels and how there should be internal and external communication so that the university group has an intervention in society. “I am convinced that it will be a turning point in the transfer of knowledge from the institution to the community.”

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Dr. Alma Gabriela Palestino-Escobedo indicated that the College of Chemical Sciences is nationally and internationally recognized for the quality of the research it develops in its laboratories, where researchers, professors, undergraduate and graduate students work in a committed and enthusiastic manner to achieve scientific, technological and innovative developments in current relevant topics.

In turn, Dr. Maria del Carmen González Castillo stated that they have worked for more than nine months to present a Scire Bulletin presentation written and edited by the proactive participants, the texts, writing and presentation aiming to reach a general reading for both the college community and in general, the presence and action of all those people who They give life to the campus in the various stages through friendly, inclusive and entertaining language, with stories, anecdotes, recommendations, experiences and valuable information about daily events.

Finally, Dr. Sergio Rosales Mendoza added that the embodiment of the Scire Bulletin contributes to the realization of one of the missions of the Faculty of Chemical Sciences, which is to promote the social allocation of science and technology to the Earth for the benefit of society.