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Opening the door for registration to fill positions in the Faculty of Administrative Sciences – the association

In the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, affiliated to the National University of Entre Ríos, registration is open for future entrants. A variety of undergraduate and postgraduate positions make up the academic proposal of the aforementioned college. Those who decide to register can do so online and then go to the main headquarters to finish the process.

In this sense, Luciana Diaz, Academic Secretary, spoke with Eleven: “We have different proposals for technical degrees and bachelor’s degrees that relate to business or public administration, tourism, archives, a profession that is in great demand in various organizations, both in the public and private sectors of our society. Also gastronomy, economics, international trade and the marketing profession, where there has been a demand On applicants this year. Our registrations are open and we receive everything related to the file and documents at Calle Alameda de la Federación 317 in Paraná. We also have offices in La Paz, Concepción del Uruguay, Crespo and Gualjuaicho.”

Regarding the demand for some professions, he noted that “in recent years marketing has grown in scale in terms of registrations, and the same thing is happening with international trade and economics as well as in technical bachelor’s degrees and bachelor’s in archiving.”

On the method of registration, Diaz explained: “On the page of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, there is a link for pre-registration where a series of data is uploaded and there it appears already what documents they have to bring to the headquarters. In Paraná we work from 8 am to 8 pm , while in other locations the schedule is in the afternoon as it is shared with the schools.”

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Finally, he noted the enrollment dates: “On February 13 we started with our four-week ‘Introduction to University Paths’, working on the syllabus for university life, university reading and writing, specific units for each degree, but, in any case, we will keep Registration is open until February 24th. (eleventh)