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Unison will host the 11th State Congress of Exact and Natural Sciences – El Reportero de la Comunidad

Unison will host the 11th State Congress of Exact and Natural Sciences – El Reportero de la Comunidad

Taking place from Thursday, May 23 to Saturday, May 25, the University of Sonora will host the 11th State of the Exact and Natural Sciences Conference.

The event aims to exchange experiences and strategies related to teaching and learning exact and natural sciences at different educational levels, through approaches, analysis and generation of academic knowledge; In addition, promoting the dissemination of scientific research works developed in the state of Sonora.

Activity programme

Ezequiel Rodríguez Jauregui, Academician at the Department of Physics at the University of Sonora and Chairman of the Organizing Committee, explained that the program of activities includes disciplinary modernization works where the research carried out at the entity will be made public, and at the same time the knowledge and technology generated by teachers will be promoted.

In parallel with the conference, a competition for experiments and prototypes will be held on Friday, May 24, in addition to a poster display, which will be available to all educational levels. The teacher added that the website www.congresociencias.unison.mx is still able to carry out the registration process, and those who complete the process will be able to take two training courses, each lasting seven hours, in person and 13 hours virtually in the morning period, explaining that foreign participants will be able to receive the entire training via Internet.

For his part, Jesús Duran Pinzón, Director of Student Services at the Regional Center for Training Professional Teachers and member of the organizing committee, announced the topics that will be covered in the main conferences; On Thursday, May 23, the topic “Environmental Training in the New Mexican School” will be presented. A Challenge for Educational Transformation and Improvement?”, by Alicia Hernandez Vela.

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On May 24, in the morning session, the topic “Progress and Achievements of Kobach Sonora at MCCEMS” will be taught by Miriam Clarissa Valenzuela Lopez; In the afternoon, Gabriel Alfonso Gutiérrez Godínez will speak on “Challenges and Expectations in Science Teaching, under the New Co-Curricular Framework for Upper Secondary Education in the New Mexican School.”


Maria Marcela González Canales, academic at the University of Sonora, announced that in the case of the workshops, there are 12 sessions scheduled in the morning and 10 more in the afternoon, where participants will be able to choose between combinations of biology, chemistry, biology, computing, electronics, earth sciences, physics and mathematics. and environmental sciences.

Additionally, presentations will take place on May 23 from 7:00pm to 8:00pm; On the 24th, it will be held from 5:45 pm to 7:45 pm; On the last day, Saturday 25th, the shows will be held from 12:00 to 14:00.

Gonzalez Canales indicated that the prizes for the prototype and poster competition, as well as the conclusion of the conference, will be in the Arts Center hall on Saturday at one o’clock in the afternoon.

Individual registration fee is 350 pesos; For more information, interested parties can send an email to [email protected].