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Private medicine will take care of emergency situations for tourists in Menorca so that the public is not satiated

Private medicine will take care of emergency situations for tourists in Menorca so that the public is not satiated

Tourists from the European Union who visit Minorca in the summer season as well as Britons They will be able to be treated in private medical centersProvided that they have been referred either by the 061 Medical Emergency Coordination Center or by the public health center to which they went in the first place.

The Ministry of Health has completed the procedures for empowerment and integration into the network of health centers and services to support urgent and emerging assistance to these people Hospitals and private medical clinics that have been registeredas long as it meets certain requirements.

Avoid overall saturation

This is one of the two solutions that the government arbitrated Alleviating saturation caused by public health In private care due to a shortage of doctors. The other is the interest in coordinating health workers’ vacations to maintain the service in the best possible way.

Today, Monday, during her visit to several medical centers on the island, Minister of Health Manuela Garcia confirmed that transferring these tourists to the private network had become a reality, once the signing of the agreement with the private centers in Minorca was formalized. . Basically, Hospital Juaneda Ciutadella and Clinic Juaneda de Maowhere tourists with a European Health Card, including British tourists, will be assisted if they have been previously referred by 061.

They will, for the most part, be Vacationers who require urgent or emergency proceduresas determined by the decree approved by Parliament and published in the Bank of England on 24 March.

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Juaneda awaits “approval”

This was confirmed by the director of the Juaneda Aid Network in Minorca, José Luis Bosch, after participating in the tender: “We are waiting in the coming days for them to give us approval.” To start the service we have applied“, he pointed out.

This public-private collaboration was already tested during the pandemic and attempted to recover last summer, but ultimately did not. He explains that its mechanisms are simple. If a patient is referred by 061, even if he or she does not have insurance, Attendance will take place at the private center charged with the European health card The private person will then send an invoice for the fees to the Ministry of Health.