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UJA Celebrates its 12th Congress “Science and Innovation on the Way”

On Tuesday, Jaén University held the first session of the 12th Media Conference on Research and Innovation in “Science and Innovation on the Road” in the province, which was dedicated to the city of Vilargordo. Today’s program addressed, in three informative talks, research on nutritional health and the importance of staying active, targeted at retired home users.

The conferences, attended by fifty people from Villargordo, Torrequebradilla and Vados de Torralba, were inaugurated by the Director of the Secretariat for Communications and Scientific Publications, Africa Yebra, and the Villatorres Advisor for Culture, Yasmina Crespo. In his speech, África Yebra indicated the aim of this publishing initiative, which is nothing more than to bring the scientific and innovative activity carried out by UJA closer to society in general, “to disseminate the main lines of research of the University and its related interests of citizens with the main lines of research and innovation of UJA, In addition to promoting interest in science as a professional activity and as a form of human development and strengthening the institutional image of UJA as an organization closely linked to its social and economic environment.In this sense, he noted, these conferences “facilitate the demonstration of the scientific and technological capabilities of the institution, in this case in locations far from The university institution, and specifically for the population farthest from the university environment.

In connection with the conference programme, in the first of the interventions, Gemma Torres Locke, researcher in the Department of Musical, Plastic and Physical Expression Education, gave an informative talk entitled “Activate yourself, recommendations for healthy physical activity”. Then, Jose Juan Javorio Martínez, a researcher in the Department of Health Sciences, gave a talk on “The Secret to Healthy Longevity.” Finally, Sara Suarez Manzano, researcher in the Department of Musical, Plastic and Physical Expression Education, presented an intervention entitled “Movement is Life”.

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The Provincial Research and Innovation Awareness Conference titled “Science and Innovation is on the Way”, organized by the Scientific Culture and Innovation Unit (UCC+i) of the Vice Chancellor for Communication and Institutional Projection of UJA, is part of the 13th Scheme Dissemination and Innovation Plan of Jian University and has the support of the institution Spanish for Science and Technology (FECYT) of the Ministry of Science and Innovation.