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Goodbye Konahset, hello Konahsite

The new law of science and technology in Mexico is Official And with it comes a series of protectionism and controversies from those who distrust the new national perspective on making Mexico a powerhouse in innovation.

It was the scientific community to cut In his rejection of the bill passed within a week in Congress that turns Conasset into the National Council for the Humanities, Science, and Technology. Conahcyt, for its brevity.

It is no coincidence that the word “HumanitarianIts derivatives are repeated 93 times new law. The change seems aesthetic, but it’s actually the most obvious modification to the series of frameworks for how budget decisions are made in science projects that receive government support. Among other things, the law specifies that science in Mexico must be accessible to all, which means that it must have social benefits and its primary focus must be to help solve the country’s most pressing problems.

Remove the old law

And with the publication of the law on May 8 in the Official Gazette of the Federation, its provisions became effective on the same day and the old Science and Technology Law was approved in 2002, which It allowed neoliberal policies to be clarified and legitimized” And “led to the abandonment of basic sciences“, According to the summary of the new law Directed by Still Consit directed by MarĂ­a Elena Alvarez Buela.

according to same documentThe old law facilitated syndicalism, subjecting public institutions to the private sector, fabricated networks of influence that determine which scientific projects are supported, and distribute public money without clear goals or tangible results.

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The new government council that will decide on scientific and technological innovation policy in Mexico will consist of Conahcete and the state secretaries, including Semarnate, Foreign Relations, Health, Welfare, Energy and Finance. The National Defense and Navy also get a seat and voting power on the board.

The new Conahcyt has one year to issue administrative rules and regulations to comply with the law. In the same period of time, the states of the country have to make amendments to their laws to align them with regard to the new science and technology law.

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