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Twice Champion!  Tigres Chivas was crowned with a crush

Twice Champion! Tigres Chivas was crowned with a crush

Tigres crushed Chivas and crowned Liga MX FEmenil for the second time in a row.

Tigres and Chivas are fighting tonight at the university’s stadium for the final return to the Guard1anes Championship 2021.

The team, led by Roberto Medina, aims to take advantage of this new opportunity to be a champion twice after losing to Reyadas and America in previous tournaments as they seek to be crowned twice in a row in Liga Mx Femenil.

On the side of the Chivas, He has to beat 1-2 of the first leg to lift the second trophy in his history.

At ESPN Digital, we tell you minute by minute the duel between Tigres and Chivas.

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Tigres assortment: Ophelia Solis, Bianca Sierra, Cristina Viral, Greta Espinosa, Natalia Villarreal, Nancy Antonio, Liliana Mercado, Jacqueline Oval, Maria Sanchez, Belen Cruz, Stephanie Mayor.

Chivas lineup: Blanca Felix, Jacqueline Rodriguez, M Garcia, M Gonzalez, De Godinez, Acevedo, Castillo, Montoya, Vasquez, Jaramillo, Alicia Cervantes.

Minute 7: Tigres does not burn to appear on the scoreboard and leaves the two matches 3-1 thanks to a goal from Jacqueline Oval.

12th minute: The Macron increases a double advantage by Ovalle and after just one minute, Stephany Mayor strikes Chivas again, taking advantage of the weak position of rojiblanca’s defense to start the MX Women’s League Final by an overwhelming majority.

The 40th minute: Shortly before the end of the first half, Chivas responded and scored his first goal thanks to the prepared play, Myriam Garcia was responsible for putting the score 3-1 on the scoreboard.

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The end of the first half! Tigres knocked out everything and is closer to the championship twice with a global score of 5-2. Myriam Garcia’s goal has given some hope to Chivas, who in the second half will cling to a comeback at Universitario.

The second half begins!

58th minute: Chivas appears on the scoreboard! Rogblanca is still alive thanks to the amazing goal from Jaramillo. The score is 3-2 with 5-3 on total.

89th minute: A goal from Tigres! The Amazon family ruled the match and signed it twice with a goal from Blanca Solis.

The 90th minute: Nice close-up for cats! They were crowned champions with a score of 5-2 to finish the match with a goal by Stephanie Mayor, with a score of 7-2 on aggregate.

The 94th minute: Chivas ended the match with a score of 5-3 thanks to Valenzuela’s goal.