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Mesut Ozil boasted of his union with Nykaxa

Mesut Ozil boasted of his union with Nykaxa

Mesut Ozil, the 2014 world champion with Germany, bragged on social networks about his union with Necaxa

Mesut Ozil One of the new owners of Necaxa, has bragged on his social networks the connection he will have with Rays through Al Tylis and Sam Porter, who have experience with investments in the Premier League, NBL and MLS. Even the German footballer calls on the general public to be partners in the water bridges.

So excited to be a part of the ClubNecaxa Owner Group and more enthusiastic about our unique NFT !! You can own part of the team with me! He wrote on his social media networks.

“First time in professional sports: NFT will give you a true 1% stake in the team! Who is it ?? Let’s be partners !!”

According to the BCC, NFT comes from the abbreviation in Non-Replaceable English Language Code. “NFTs are an” incomparable “asset in the digital world that can be bought and sold like any other type of property, but have no tangible form per se. These numerical codes can be understood as certificates of ownership of virtual or physical assets.

With the above, Ernesto Tenagero and Santiago Tenagero remain Necaxa owners. Nevertheless, Sam Porter and the House of Tails joined in.

In addition to Mesut Ozil, there are other new investors in Necaxa that are world-famous: Eva Longoria, Justin Verlander, Kate Upon, Richard Hamilton, Shawn Marion, Victor Oladipo, and Bud Miller.

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Al Tylis has investments in the MLS subsidiary DC United. Swansea City during its time in the Premier League; New Zealand Breakers at NLB, as well as esports.

Sam Porter holds executive positions at DC United and Swansea City, a team that currently plays in England’s Second Division.

Eva Longoria also bought it

on the other side, Eva Longoria also assumed that she was part of the group that owned Necaxa. The actress uploaded a picture to her social networks in a Rayos t-shirt and hat and was invited as Mesut Ozil to invest in the warm water collection.

“I am very proud and happy, especially since we will do really exciting things with this team! For starters, we are auctioning the first NFT that represents a real 1% interest in a professional sports team. Yes I heard right! Be my partner at Necaxa in the country I love so much!”