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Twelve pre-medical students from the United States carry out training courses at CHOP

Twelve pre-medical students from the United States carry out training courses at CHOP

This week the Pontevedra Hospital Complex (CHOP) welcomed a group of twelve pre-medical students from Florida who will carry out undergraduate training at the Galeg de Saúde Service Health Centers in Pontevedra through August.

For the seventh year in a row, the training of these undergraduate students from the United States in the city of Lires has been made possible thanks to the “Atlantis Project”, a surveillance internship program in hospitals whose main objective is to facilitate and strengthen the links between future physicians and physicians. Researchers from the North American country and health professionals from the centers where this training plan was developed.

The Director of Care for the Pontevedra and O Salnes Health District, Sonia Fernández-Aruti, along with the Director of Care at the hospital, Yolanda Sandwindi, and the Chief of the Respiratory Service at CHOP, Adolfo Baluera, welcomed the twelve-member team of Monticello students who for a period Four weeks they will rotate in pairs for different services.

Specifically, the American students, who will have a hospital support program, will conduct their internships in general and gastrointestinal surgery, urology, pulmonology, vascular surgery, gynecology, gastrointestinal surgery, anesthesia, otolaryngology and internal medicine services and thus access to various disciplines. which was not yet known.

The main objective of the program is for students to learn first-hand about the work that specialists do in the Pontevedra Hospital Complex and to deepen their medical career.

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