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They create 3D images of patients to train medical students

They create 3D images of patients to train medical students

A new technology for mixed reality (mixing the interaction of Virtual Reality and the visual power of augmented reality), will allow medical students to practice diagnosis and treatment with patients made from holograms.

This innovative method promises to improve the experience of human patients who, although not in the real world, are in the virtual world. Students will be able to treat their patients using technology that simulates medical situations They will have to make real-time decisions about treatment, according to their creators.

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first tried holographic patients They were medical students at Addenbrooke University Hospital in Cambridge, England.

Using a piece of equipment called “Holo-Lense” which is a mixed reality goggle, The doctors of the future had a first teaching unit Focusing on respiratory care and emergency management.

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The innovative training method seeks to improve traditional medical education resources such as mannequins, books, and software.

The technology called “HoloScenarios” is available for licensing in medical institutions around the world and its creators say it offers flexible, cost-effective training that can rejuvenate traditional medical training.


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