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The Huelva Scientific and Technological Center shows its potential

The Huelva Scientific and Technological Center shows its potential

Activity “We do it here and we do it nowOrganized by the Scientific Culture and Innovation Unit of the University of Huelva, within the framework of its annual plan for scientific publication, the last month of this academic year is devoted to CCTH Research Center.

Huelva Scientific and Technological Center (CCTH) is a An initiative jointly promoted by researchers from the University of Huelva and the University Hospital Complex of Huelva, whose headquarters were established at the Faculty of Experimental Sciences of Huelva.

CCTH was established in 2017 and is the result of the merger of two centres; Research Center for Engineering in Sustainable Mining, established in 2010, and Energy Research Center, established in 2011. Since its establishment, CCTH has been tryingPromote interdisciplinary research among researchers Multidisciplinary in response to Challenges and social demands of our time. In this sense, it is in line with the objectives of European, national and regional strategic research, development and innovation policies.

The great challenges posed by today’s society and those projected in the near future are of a global nature of extraordinary complexity and CCTH suggests Searching for sustainable and socially acceptable solutions On the basis of cooperation between female and male researchers from different disciplines.

The center, managed by Eladio Durán, consists of 9 departments and more than 70 researchers from various disciplines such as: economic sciences, earth sciences, biomedical sciences, physical sciences, chemical sciences and engineering, and different fields, fields and lines of research. Thus, CCTH attempts to promote interdisciplinary research through the interweaving of complementary scientific and technological fields, and to promote interdisciplinary research of a horizontal and cross-sectional nature.

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This research center aims to become a means of communication, link, collaboration and enhance synergy between different disciplines, in a co-working space for communication and exchange of ideas, allowing for the sharing and capture of scientific technological resources and research infrastructures.

There are many and diverse publications on research results, patents and joint projects developed between the researchers who make up the Center, in which the University of Huelva and the Andalusian Government’s Ministry of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment participate. , Ministry of Health through Andalusian Health Services and Andalusian Beturia Foundation for Health Research. Likewise, many projects are sourced through competitive calls, both national and international, and contracts with companies, which encourage research transfer and provide training opportunities.

The center’s goal is to continue to promote interdisciplinary research in its environment and field of research, providing good results and allowing them to remain competitive in terms of research.

The ‘We’re doing it here and we’re doing it now’ activity, which began in December last year, has ended with the presentation of the latest Huelva Research Center. This activity has been developed to highlight the work undertaken by the various research units/departments, as well as the projects managed by the members of each of the eight centres.