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Tom Brady broke the silence after rumors of his retirement;  Is he gone or not?

Tom Brady broke the silence after rumors of his retirement; Is he gone or not?

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a few days ago It was taken for granted who – which Tom Brady7-time Super Bowl winner, He will definitely retire From NFL After playing for more than 20 seasons, a rumor was later denied, but now The goat himself broke the silence He explained his situation.

Tom Brady He is 44 years old and despite continuing to play at a high level, Many consider that it will not be long on the network, So his supposed retirement was very possible, but now Bucs QB explained the whole situation.

Will Tom Brady retire from the NFL or not?

Speaking on the “Let’s Go” podcast, Historic player Football He stated that he had not made a final decision yet. Well, the idea of ​​retirement is on the table, but it’s not something that has actually been confirmed.

“I’m still going through the process I said I was going through. Sometimes it takes a while to evaluate really How do you feel, What do you want to do I think When the time comes, I’ll be ready to make a decision One way or another,” Brady said.

the player subordinate pirate Knows that being a pro player exposed to all kinds of rumors, That’s why he went out to clarify his position before more untrue things could be said.

I am responsible for what I say and doI am not responsible for what others say or do. I think one thing I learned about sports is that You control what you can control, and what you cannot leave to others. I understand that this is the environment we are in. But I guess for me it’s literally day in and day out. I try to make the best decision for myself and my familyQuarterback commented.

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finally Thanks Tom Brady All the weather who was playing inside NFL They explained it Final decision will be announced soon, Where he does not confirm or deny his withdrawal.

I do not know. I will know when the time comes. As things progress in the later stages of my career whether it was five years ago or even this year, There is a lot of interest when I stop playing. I understand that. It’s not that I don’t recognize him. “When I know, I will know,” he said.