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Peru vs Ecuador |  Hector Chumbetz: Christian Cueva reminds me of Cesar Cuito and his absence from the Peruvian national team will cost me a lot |  Qatar 2022 Qualifiers |  NCZD DTCC |  Total Sports

Peru vs Ecuador | Hector Chumbetz: Christian Cueva reminds me of Cesar Cuito and his absence from the Peruvian national team will cost me a lot | Qatar 2022 Qualifiers | NCZD DTCC | Total Sports

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“Do you know how Chumpetaz attracted attention? The coach was talking, the players were squabbling. Chumbey was saying, almost hiding his voice: “Now then, we have to lose…” That’s it. I listened to him and said: “Kabi is angry.” Adequate”. Memory with tacit praise of describe what you mean . Captain and captain so Who won the last America’s Cup and played in the World Cup finals in Mexico 70 and Argentina 78, and the eternal idol of Bicolor. One hundred and five matches, three goals and back is enough to get a word based on Bicolor.

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‘It was a great victory’, he told us over the phone line. Don Hector, like all Peruvians, suffered and enjoyed . Analysis of “Captain America” ​​with Total Sports meeting, praised , praised Ricardo Gareca and now expects a win this Tuesday against Ecuador in another key date in .

– How did you live – or suffer – the heroic victory of the national team in Barranquilla?

It was a great victory over Colombia, knowing that playing in Barranquilla is difficult due to the heat and weather. That’s exactly why they took us to that city. But, thank God, everything was in our favor. At first there was a lot of doubt because they were attacking a lot, but the team knew how to defend and then counterattack. This was the victory with a counterattack. It was the right time (85th minute) because there was no time for them to equalise. That was the advantage. Maybe if they scored earlier, they could change their way of playing and could hold us back. Then we grabbed the ball, had a bit of time and the game was over. Big win and now against Ecuador. If the victory is repeated, we already guarantee the rating.

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One of the pleasant surprises was the brilliant match played by Aldo Corzo, where he won a singles duel against Luis Diaz, the Colombian winger that Liverpool could sign in England…

Yes, we already know the strength and desire that Aldo puts into him. And suddenly he’s no longer a great player, with a lot of dominance, but a lot of grit. He is a player who does very well on the pitch and trains very well, and that is reflected in what he does. I congratulate him like everyone else, but I congratulate him even more because he marked one of the best players in the world at the moment and has a lot of merit.

—A soccer player changes when he wears a Blanqueroga, right, Don Giulio? Edison Flores was criticized for his poor performance and awarded us the win…

In Flores’ case, I think it’s about the quality of the player and knowing how to recover from the criticism to get more strength and recover. Also, I think they put it in a good time (the start of the second half). If he played any longer, I don’t know how he would have played, but he came in with an enormous desire to defend himself.

Peru vs.  Colombia: Match summary and standings after 1-0 win in Barranquilla
The Peruvian team won a valuable victory over Colombia in Barranquilla (1-0) at the end of the match and entered the direct classification zone. Look at the match summary and find out what position the white and red colors occupy.
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– Cristian Cueva is today the best player in the Peruvian national team?

One of the best, not exactly the best. He is a player with a lot of mischief and a very skill. And also trust, which is very important. He has it and the results are positive. In the play of the first goal was the break with the left, the opponent did not expect this and fell, he went alone to attack waiting for ‘Orejas’ (Flores). As a defender, I see that whoever is left behind is also failing, perhaps due to lack of experience, but thank God he took advantage of this opportunity and scored the goal.

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How much will Christian Cueva’s absence from Ecuador cost us due to the accumulation of yellow cards?

It will cost a lot, but whoever replaces him, which could be Christopher Gonzalez or Edison Flores, will try to do things right. An important player is lost, but you have to give confidence to whoever enters. I think the alternative would do it with more hunger and a desire to play.

Which player does Christian Cueva remind you of?

Cesar Quito almost because of his skill, of course Cesar was a little slower. But this ability and intelligence of play are almost the same.

Hector Chumbetz was named one of the 100 best players in the history of the 2018 World Cup (Photo: El Comercio)
Hector Chumbetz was named one of the 100 best players in the history of the 2018 World Cup (Photo: El Comercio)

—Ricardo Gareca is about to take us to Qatar 2022, it will be the second World Cup in a row

Yes, it is working fine. Its advantage is that they gave you all the confidence and peace of mind. Then there’s all the ease now, something that wasn’t there before. Well, I don’t want to remember or compare. You now have the tools, good concentrations, feed, and more to do a great job. All of these things are important. No matter what quality it should drive. You have to congratulate him for everything he does.

Does it go back to the great coach Marcos Calderon, the coach who made us American champions in 1975 and led us to the World Cup in Argentina in 1978?

Yes, it is up to par. Marcos also won the championship with almost every team he’s captained and we qualified for the World Cup. I don’t know how many titles Garica has, but he’s about to expire. I remember that with some issues, Marcus knew how to get back in some games or he grabbed teams that weren’t doing well, and he coached them and leveled them up. Garica is there and I hope he will continue this step and Qatar will qualify.

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– What awaits us on Tuesday against Ecuador?

The way the team is going, with these victories they have achieved abroad, they have many chances to win and qualify for the World Cup. He’s in high spirits, and that’s the main thing. Sometimes quality is not enough, you have to have confidence and know that playing at home cannot lose. I think that’s the most important thing, and also the fans because there will be support from the fans to get the support and they can put the strength to win.

—There is a discussion about the ability. It could be 70%, what do you think? Is he ok or should he play two-tone for a full court?

I think it would be better if there was a full capacity because it’s really different. Anyway, it’s dangerous because of all the troubles we’re going through and there’s no care from a lot of people anymore. But the team always needs the support of all the fans to carry out their match.

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