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Macabo retains the WBC Tour title and refers to Canelo Alvarez

Macabo retains the WBC Tour title and refers to Canelo Alvarez

Mexico City /

Congolese Makabu member I managed to keep the cruiser championship World Boxing Council in a Controversial split decision against South Africa Tapisu Mashubuso now will wait to see if “Canelo” Alvarez will insist on his decision to confront him.

Although the opponent was a nuisance thanks to his great dynamics and quick fists, Two judges decided to award the win to Makabo (15-113 and 116-112), while only one bounty (115-113), and now he must work on Closing the challenge launched by Eddie Reynoso At the WBC Annual Conference last November.

During the meeting, it turned out This is not about a high-quality fightersince he was seen as being strict and had few resources, so There were not a few who saw Mchunu’s winbecause he was the one who tied the blows better and more powerfully.

This situation was brought up for debate only if Don King, a crooked promoter, put his spoon to go in search of a fight against the Mexican.

Canelo, well present in his mind

Although in the last days Other suggestions have been made To Guadalajara, both duels against Jermal Charlotte o one in all before Dmitry Bevol and Gennady GolovkinMakabu was excited at the possibility of confronting him and even eventually promised that he would fire him.

“Thank God for giving me the opportunity. Thank you Don King. I was up against a great fighter, he’s anti punches. This time I didn’t come with a knockout, he came to square, because My next fight with Canelo I’m going to corner him and get him outMakabo commented.

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The Mexican will decide

Even though the World Boxing Council accepted Reynoso’s challenge, in the end they know it Canelo will make the decision About the opponent he will face next May 7, so A decisive week is coming for the undisputed 168-pounder.