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Carlos Antonio Velez spoke about Colombia’s defeat by Peru: the exorcist asked to choose Colombia

Carlos Antonio Velez spoke about Colombia’s defeat by Peru: the exorcist asked to choose Colombia

Not even Luis Diaz, one of the men from Colombia Choice Who usually receives praise, was heavily criticized for the Barranquilla match. The tricolor lost cards to Peru and ended up losing important points that could complicate qualification for the World Cup in Qatar.

Lucho, who has been linked as a new player in the Premier League, has been cited as considering Liverpool. Carlos Antonio Velez took advantage of his analysis on Win Sports’ Planeta Fútbol, ​​to request the presence of Teófilo Gutiérrez in the national team.

“One starts game by game to look for explanations. Some say the scoring options are not created, some say there is no continuity, others that there is no offensive volume or that we are repetitive, that we need the ball more or they should call James, Today we did it all and we lost. In the whole match we added 30 attacking options, Galese shot it and almost had an own goal. They didn’t take a shot on goal and I tried to look for the basic error in Ospina’s mistake and found it: Since they didn’t get to it, it was cold. And the goal From him, but we will not cut off his head either.”

He added: “What I’m suggesting is what also needs to be done. How many people do you need to score a goal? It’s unbelievable, today we took the ball with almost 70% possession, we used teams, positions and the ball is an air match, mid-distance it’s unbelievable that the ball reaches to Luis Diaz, a goal he scored in Porto and today he throws it over the top. Today I was thinking about Liverpool and not his fault, that’s very normal. He interfered a lot. A little bit in the game.”

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Finally, Vélez noted that Colombia Choice He needs a player like Teo. “Football I can’t find any explanation. We desperately need an exorcist or a shaman or something similar because we pray. We don’t score, play well, play bad, with or without James. The teams that come to Barranquilla are used to not playing. Today, it was once again noted that a player like Teo is essential, especially to manage opponents’ actions. Nobody said anything to the referee, there is a complete lack of leadership in Colombia.”