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The Gurriel family has arrived in Cuba (+ video) - SwingComplete

The Gurriel family has arrived in Cuba (+ video) – SwingComplete

By Jose Alejandro Rodriguez Zas

Yesterday, Saturday, January 29 We publish on our website a note Which talked about the journey of the Gurrell family to Cuba, one of the most emblematic figures in the history of Cuban baseball, who arrived on the island on a special flight, specifically through Varadero International Airport.

Despite the fact that the Cuban authorities refused entry to one of the most important members of the family, Yuli Gouriel, into the country, both Lourdes Gouriel and his wife, Olga Lidia Castillo, made the trip to their homeland to meet them. families As they already announced.

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Yesan Amanda Diaz CastilloToday, Olga’s niece shared, on her personal Facebook page, some photos and a video of the emotional event, which a large part of the family of Goriel Castillo, who lives in Cuba, was able to share with the “visitors”.

«Reunion with Aunt Olga after two years», books Yessan Amanda in the previous post, while sharing a family photo.

“A wonderful family get-together after two years,” Olga’s niece added in another post, adding photos and a video in which Lorde also appears.

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We hope to be able to see these photos very soon Yuli Gouriel, He also shares with his relatives in Cuba his native country, which no ancient law, dictated by who should serve and not be punished, could prevent him from visiting. For now, enjoying the joy of your loved one will fill the cup of nostalgia.

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