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Today’s horoscopes, October 19, 2023, for all zodiac signs

Today’s horoscopes, October 19, 2023, for all zodiac signs

in it Today’s horoscopes, Thursday 19 October, Mercuryrelated to your thoughts, join sunWhich shows your personality, In Libra In the midst of problems, I show you a new and practical way to solve them.


Today, the Sun from Libra will meet with Mercury in the same sign, as this happens very few times a year. When they meet together, they make you find the solution to problems. Problems will arise in different areas of your zodiac sign or at different times of the day, and can be anything from a misunderstanding with your partner to a problem with partners.

Although these situations will cause you emotional instability and anger, you will notice that you will magically understand what is the solution to the conflicts you have experienced, and even more so if you do a cinnamon ritual to attract peace and tranquility.

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The problems that Mercury can cause you in its final retrograde today will increase when it unites with the Sun, and although you may experience some inconveniences, it will also be possible to see the problems in a different way and thus find a new solution.

All of this will happen to you, especially with work emails, papers that get lost, deposits into your account that don’t show up, and even problems with your bosses because they misunderstand your answers. These situations will put you in a bad mood, but keep in mind that a solution that you did not think of before will come out of these complications.

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Today the Sun meets Mercury, an important event because it happens only a few times a year. Although its effect can increase delays and complications, if you know how to benefit from it, it can show you that from the complications and delays, solutions to some of these problems may emerge.

In your horoscope, these are related to different topics ranging from trips you want to take, to investments and new businesses you want to do that have caused you discomfort and affected you emotionally because of all the hopes you have placed in these projects.

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Mercury continues its path through Libra and today it will meet the Sun, and this will make a very special day. On the one hand, inconveniences and delays will increase in various areas of your life, such as medical or business appointments. They can also arise during the processing of the bank loans you apply for.

On the other hand, this will affect you emotionally and you will feel very vulnerable when rethinking which path to follow. And in this process of rethinking, answers, solutions, and a way forward will magically emerge.

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Today the Sun will join Mercury, increasing its influences and complications, but also in these obstacles you can find a new way to solve problems.

In your sign, delays will occur, especially in communications, trips, documentation procedures, and emails that do not arrive. It can also cause problems with your life partner and disagreements.

Since all of this will affect you emotionally, you will rethink whether you are putting enough willpower into these problems, and this will be where you will find a new option for your problems.

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Today the sun will meet with Mercury, and this will make the day special events, as problems will increase for you in various topics such as money and payments. In addition, you may encounter problems in your work routine, mistakes that overwhelm your efficiency, and cause you a lot of emotional instability and frustration, because you feel that everything will be against you.

Here you will start to wonder how you should act, but at that moment you will see another option on how to overcome these discomforts, and even more so if you use sunstone to remove sadness and anxiety from your life.

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The sun has been passing through your sign for a few days, and today it will meet with Mercury, and this will affect you, as problems will increase in various areas of your life. For example, when you express yourself, in the text messages and emails you send, when you feel like your creativity has dulled, in your travel plans to other countries, and in the investments you want to make recently with your money.

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All this will make you feel bad and emotionally unstable, because you will realize that you are not going ahead with your plans and will suspect that you are making a mistake. However, in the midst of these delays you will find a solution.

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Today Mercury joins the Sun as it is a strong day because in addition to increasing its influence with delays and problems in communications, you will feel that lately you do not understand yourself.

When you realize this, you will become frustrated because you tend to take action and not wait for the event to come to you, but rather move towards it, defying the harassment.

This time you will have hesitation and this will make you criticize yourself a lot. For this reason, you will ask yourself how much self-esteem you have, and in these questions will appear the answers that the universe will give you to improve it.

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Today, Mercury, which continues its path through Libra, will join the Sun on a heavy day because its influence will increase through more disagreements with your work team and friends.

It is certain that some of these people will arrive late or cancel their attendance altogether, but in addition, it may happen that you cannot understand yourself with them and that they no longer share the same ideals with you.

All of this will cause you anxiety and you will rethink whether you put too much emotion into it. You will also analyze your personal relationships and how your feelings are so that you can make a change.

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Mercury continues its path through Libra and today it will meet the Sun, and this will make a day full of more disagreements and problems that will especially affect your work and professional projects. You may also experience issues with your credit cards and missed payments.

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Although these events are physical, because they will worry you, they will also affect you emotionally because they may awaken in you certain previous fears of having problems with your superiors at work or lack of money. But in the midst of these questions, you will discover the way to emerge stronger from all of this.

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Today the Sun passes through Libra and will meet Mercury in the same sign, and this will make a special day for you because the inconveniences of the retrograde will be more noticeable.

For example, in your investments, in the investment course you take, in delays in immigration response or in misunderstandings in the romantic relationship you maintain at a distance.

Since all of this will affect you emotionally and you may become discouraged, it will be important for you to know that in the midst of this despair the universe will show you the solution.

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Before bidding farewell to Libra, Mercury will decide to join the Sun in the same sign. This merger will increase your influence and show you a new path to solving some of your problems that have arisen over the past three months.

These complications that brought you pain, come from problems related to accounts with your partners or friends, and bank loans. There could also be conflicting situations regarding domestic issues, in a canceled move that caused a setback in your mood and emotional state, but you should not give up because the solution appears.

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