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The US$1.3 billion Powerball winner is an immigrant from Laos who has been battling cancer for eight years.

The US$1.3 billion Powerball winner is an immigrant from Laos who has been battling cancer for eight years.

Cheng “Charlie” Chaban, an immigrant from Laos, won $1.3 billion on Powerball (AP/Jenny Kane).

Cheng “Charlie” Chaban, Immigrant Laos Basically PortlandHe was the lucky winner of the huge jackpot Powerball 1.3 billion dollars on April 7, 2024. The prize ranks as the fourth largest in Powerball and eighth in the history of all lotteries in the United States.

In an organized press conference Oregon LotterySaban shares his story of overcoming adversity with luck: He has been battling cancer for eight years.

Accordingly Chicago TribuneSeiban, along with his wife Duanben and his friend Lisa Chao, decided to join together by buying tickets and accepting the prize in one payment. 422 million dollars After taxes, this is not the only thing Life changes for Saiban and his family But a ray of hope in his fight against cancer. “I can provide for my family and my health” announced Saipan with passion.

Cheng “Charlie” Chaban has been battling cancer for eight years (Abigail Dolins/Statesman Journal/USA TODAY Network)

When did the story behind this incredible fortune begin? Lisa Chao, after donating $100 to buy a batch of tickets, sent a photo of them to Saipan with the message, “We're millionaires.” This premature pre-draw joke became reality the very next day, marking the end of more than three months without a Powerball winner.

The winning ticket, this It took more than three hours to find out Due to the delay in the drawing, he matched the six numbers needed to win the grand prize. Powerball noted that the winning numbers drawn early Sunday morning were: 22, 27, 44, 52, 69 and a red Powerball 9. New York Post. The combination of these statistics made the lucky ticket holder the center of one of the biggest wins in US lottery history.

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The Oregon Lottery noted that, with some exceptions, state laws require a security and verification process before announcing the identity of a lucky winner. They don't allow player anonymity. Winners have one year to claim the jackpot. The winning ticket was sold at a Blight Pantry store in Portland in early April.