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Poll in New York: Abinador 703 votes, Lionel 675 and Abel 17 |  AlMomento.net

Poll in New York: Abinador 703 votes, Lionel 675 and Abel 17 | AlMomento.net

New York.- In a poll conducted this Sunday in New York City by Somos Pueblo Media and Grupo de Medios Panorama, Luis Abinader received 703 votes, Lionel Fernandez 675, Roque Espaillot 152, and Abel Martinez 17.

Democratic incumbent Virginia Antares received 10 votes; María Teresa Cabrera, from Frente Amplio, 4; Fulgencio Severino, From the Fatherland of All, 3; From Miguel Vargas Maldonado, PRD, 3, and Carlos Peña, Generation of Servers 2.

Candidates for Representatives

At the congressional level, Cirilo Moronda (BRM) 310 votes, Norberto Rodriguez (PRM) 135 and Kenia Bidó (PRM) 100 votes.

In the midst of that Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), Mercedes Collado He reached 10 votes, Marilyn Santos 9 and Francisco Fernandez 1.

of People powerLady Laura got 249 votes, Ramon Tallaj got 231 and Henry Abreu got 115 votes.

It contains Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD) Yomare Polanco won with 13 votes, followed by Contido Cruz with 4 votes and Nancy Jimenez with 3 votes.

It contains Democratic Hope PartyIvelisse Soriano received 29 votes, Cristobal López 26 and Ivelin Pepén 21.

In the midst of that Country allianceJuan Villar received 5 votes, Lucia Solano 4 and Juan Martinez none.

Voting began at 8:00 am and ended at 5:00 pm in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and The Bronx.

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