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Places in New York that Taylor Swift references in her songs

Places in New York that Taylor Swift references in her songs

New York City as Taylor Swift's muse

Since moving to New York In 2014, Taylor Swift He turned the city into a source of inspiration for his songwriting. Fans of the American artist known as “com. swifties“, they found in their music a map that guided them through the city that never sleeps. From Coney IslandBars East side And other angles mentioned by the artist. The fusion of letters and urban geography provides a unique experience of exploring the world the big Apple For the masses.

References to the city of skyscrapers in the artist's discography begin in the fifth album “1989”. In the message “Welcome to New York” It's an ode to Taylor's love of place. The references were then carried over to later albums.

Chelsea Hotel: Home to major writers, actors and musicians, it was mentioned in the “Tortured Poets Section.” (Photo by Ben Haider/Getty Images)

First stop of the tourcom. swiftieFeatured on Swift's recently released album: “The Tortured Poets Section”. In the song of the same name as the album, Swift sings: “You're not Dylan Thomas. I'm not Patti Smith. This isn't the Chelsea Hotel. We're modern idiots.”

he Chelsea Hotel It has been home to some of the greatest writers, actors and musicians in history. That's why Patti SmithAmerican punk singer, and Dylan ThomasA British writer mentioned by the artist in the song. People known as Mark Twain, Bob Dylan and Madonna. The iconic hotel remains a popular property, decorated with beautiful artwork, mid-century sofas, and gorgeous crown moldings.

Central Park Lake – mentioned in “The Bolter” with its popular paddle boats and picnics. (Photo by Tim Clayton/Corbis via Getty Images)

in “Poulter”another song from Swift's latest album — one of many bonus tracks she released hours after the standard edition of it was released “The Tortured Poets Section”– Famous rowing boats are mentioned in Central Park Lake. Available from April to October, Rowing boats They are offered on a first-come, first-served basis and can accommodate up to four people. Also remember the song Picnic basketsIt is an activity that can be done in Central Park.

Cornelia Street: Inspiration for the album's song “Lover” (Grosby)

The house that Swift rented in 2016 Cornelia Street in the West Village neighborhoodIt was the inspiration for one of the songs on the album “The Lover”: “Cornelia Street”. Taylor lived in the $11.5 million apartment for a few months while she renovated her current home in Tribeca.

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In the song, he narrates the beginning of his relationship with his former partner. Joe Alwyn: We were in the back seat, drunk on something stronger than bar drinks. '“I'm renting a place on Cornelia Street,” I say casually into the car..

Today's Lovers: The East Side bar may have been referenced in “Delicate” for secret meetings. (Grosby)

Although it has not been confirmed, fans are speculating that this tape exists in East sideHe is the one mentioned in the song.sensitive“From the album “reputation”. According to speculation, this bar was the site of a secret meeting between Swift and her ex Joe Alwyn.

Regardless of whether this rumor is true, the ambient lighting in… Lovers today It's perfect for dressing up as a celebrity on a secret date.

The High Line: An elevated public park mentioned in “Cardigan”, ideal for romantic strolls (Grosby).

In the song “Wool jacket”from the category-winning album “Album of the year“In the awards Grammy“, Taylor mentions The high line. This site is a public park that rises above street level on a restored historic railway line.

In the second topicfolklore”Swift remembers hearing,Your heart beats on the High Line“In the series of loving memoirs. Extension 2 km The Long is perfect for a romantic stroll, especially if you visit during less crowded times, such as early morning or at dusk.

Coney Island: Evoked in “Coney Island” from the movie Evermore, this is a place to contemplate lost love

For most people, the Brooklyn amusement park conjures images of hot dogs, Ferris wheels, and the coastline that borders the site. But for com. swifties This is the perfect place to sit on a bench and wonder, “Where did my love go?” For the song “Coney Island” Which appears on the album “forever“. In this a pathSwift joined with the National For the sad melody of lost love.

Housing Works Library: Setting for the “All Too Well: The Short Film” music video (Grosby)

In the music video “It's All Right: The Short Film” Which was released on a re-recording “Red (Taylor's version)”, red-haired Taylor reads her novel out loud in a library. That space Housing Works Library, The store is staffed solely by volunteers, and their profits go towards providing housing and health care for all the people who live with them HIV AIDS.

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It is also a highly sought-after location for weddings. It has a café inside and two floors full of bookshelves.

Electric Lady Studios: The Greenwich Village studio where Taylor Swift recorded many songs. (Photo by John Lambarski/WireImage)

Although Swift doesn't mention it Electric Lady Studios In One Song is the studio where he recorded many of his songs. The place is in Greenwich Village since 1970When the singer Jimi Hendrix And his manager Michael Jeffrey They bought an abandoned nightclub and turned it into a professional recording studio. Since then, the place has been visited by many artists, from The Rolling Stones and Patti Smith to Adele and Frank Ocean.