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Jessica Seidel tried to dance like Shakira and was criticized on social networks – People – Culture

Jessica Seidel tried to dance like Shakira and was criticized on social networks – People – Culture

Jessica Cediel is one of the most recognizable faces on Colombian television. The reporter stood out with her talent in front of the cameras and her diverse style as a presenter.

Although she hasn't been seen in any production playing the hostess in a long time, the Bogotá native hasn't completely distanced herself from the cameras. Now he is on the other side of the barrier as a participant in the reality show “Hoy Día Bailamos”. From Telemundo.

And it was there that he surprised the jury with a dance performance, They move their hips to the rhythm of the legend “Shakira” in the song “Ojos Asi”, famous for its Arabic sounds.

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As usual, the model shares some of her training moments on social media along with the final show clip. To show a little of the process involved in the routines and preparation of the dances. Moments that many applauded and others dared to rebuke.

“Today my dream has become a reality. Oh, and what it cost me. Everything was only possible thanks to God! Thank you to life for this wonderful process,” he wrote in the video description on his Instagram account.

After publishing a short video clip in which she appears practicing the Barranquilla native's signature waist move in her living room with the final result with her dance partner in the show, Patricio Quiñones, the journalist became the target of criticism solely for her actions. dancing skills, but also because of his Christian vocation, which for some “is not consistent with his actions.”

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“And praise? That is, today she is singing and tomorrow? Oh, no, it is really too contradictory. This girl's wires have been crossed”; “These are not the things of God”; “If anything, of course, God cannot be mocked, may God have mercy on him.” “She is a Christian, not a nun. “The ones who criticize the most here are those who believe in their God.” “Perhaps believing in God makes you extremist. It makes you free,” were some of the most notable opinions.

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What did the broadcaster respond?

Facing criticism because of her religious belief and work, the Colombian woman, who currently resides in the United States, He did not hesitate to speak and express what he thought.

He mentioned through his stories on the Meta network that he had time to read those “negative opinions” that he considered free, Because this does not determine his relationship with his calling or his Christian faith.

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“I am not in my own power, I am in the power of Pope God (…) My relationship with him, my praise and my prayers have not changed, they remain intact every day of life. I don't share it, it's different. “When one is in the Lord’s grace, it is noticeable, my people, and the person who wants to rule, laughs and points, let him do it, I am not one to rule,” said Sidiel.

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Finally, she indicated that she is very happy in her current role: “I am happy, I work, I learn, I am accountable, I focus, and my family is fine, so I don’t have to be bad.”

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