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Daniel Sarcos reviews his mother's health condition (+details)

Daniel Sarcos reviews his mother's health condition (+details)

After reporting his mother's deteriorating health on social media and asking for prayers, Venezuelan broadcaster Daniel Sarcos appears calmer, as revealed this Sunday, April 28 in your personal account Instagram By sharing a photo of him enjoying a happy weekend with his family and updating the health condition of his mother, Aida Cabrera de Sarcos.

In the photo you can see a citizen of Zulia state smiling brightly in the company of his mother. His partner, also presenter Alessandra Villegas, his son Daniel Alejandro, whom he affectionately calls “Churi,” and other family members.

“My mother is now at home, stable and visibly improving, thanks to God, our family and my cousins ​​Yulita and Irama. Especially to my cousin Dr. Carola Urista, Auntie Cruz, to all the clinic staff and to you who accompanied me with your prayers.” It was also the letter with which the singer accompanied the publication.

despite of Sarcos He did not reveal the situation threatening his mother’s health, and he confirmed in the post a week ago that he was amazed by the woman’s energy. “I am increasingly amazed by my mother's strength and will.” books.

Affectionate comments were immediate from fellow guild members such as Vector cameraMariela Seles, Nelly Pujols, Yvette Dominguez, Viviana Gibelli, María Antonietta Duque, Eduardo Rodriguez, Mimi Lazo, Mirla Castellanos.

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