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The millionaire fortune made by Harry and Meghan after leaving the British crown

The millionaire fortune made by Harry and Meghan after leaving the British crown

When Meghan Markle and Prince Harry resigned from their duties in the British royal house, they faced the challenge of financial independence. And while many predicted a difficult future, Sussex’s economy has only grown since March 2020.

In this sense, the specialist Celebrity Net Worth analyzed the various businesses of the spouses and came to the conclusion that together they managed to add more than thirteen million dollars, bringing the total assets to sixty million.

There were two major deals that gave Meghan and Harry financial peace of mind. In September last year, they signed a contract with Netflix for over $100 million to create various content through their production company. Months later, the agreement reached with Spotify for which they acquired a figure of just over 22 million.

Although the couple is known to have figured out how to move in the right circles, the truth is that the offers got to them without having to search much. After the interview with Oprah, Harry joined a hierarchical position in the company Silicon Valley, in addition, he produced with the North American host a series specializing in mental health, where he was one of the heroes.

On the other hand, Meghan in June launched a children’s book inspired by Harry’s relationship with their son Archie. The earnings from the publication add to the Duchess’ fortune when she worked as an actress when she earned about fifty thousand dollars for each episode of Suits and about eighty thousand dollars a month thanks to her blog called The Tig.

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