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The story of Yolanda Varela who quit acting to devote herself to her children |  TV series |  celebrity |  Mexico |  MX |  nnda nnlt |  Chica

The story of Yolanda Varela who quit acting to devote herself to her children | TV series | celebrity | Mexico | MX | nnda nnlt | Chica

The golden age of cinema It is the most remembered for several generations because many actors were considered the most successful and have a long history in various productions. Among them are famous personalities Pedro Infante, Jorge Negret and German Valdes “Tin Tin”. However, the actress who belongs to this group is Yolanda Varela.

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She was considered a singer at the time and one of her most remarkable traits was that she worked alongside important actors who helped her continue to learn more about the world of acting.

With a brilliant future ahead of him in acting and alongside his wonderful colleagues, Yolanda Varela She decided to end her career and move away from cameras and recording devices for just one reason, which she considered above all else.

Who was Yolanda Varela?

Actress’s name is Carmen Yolanda Sainz Reyes He was born on March 30, 1930 in Hidalgo del Parral, State of Chihuahua, in Mexico.

She showed her talents as an actress since she was young, so she decided to study ballet in National Institute of Fine Arts of Mexico. This helped him to be able to participate in productions at that time in which he played small and secondary roles.

After years of director Ismael Rodriguez to choose Yolanda Varela To be the star of the movie “Two Kinds of Care”. This was the movie that united the stars Jorge Negret NS Pedro Infante.

He also participated in the films “School of Thieves” and “What Happened to Samson”, where he shared roles with him Tin Tin.

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During the 1950s, the actress had to adapt to various challenges in the world of acting, such as the movie “Los Amantes”. In 1957 she was nominated for an Ariel Awards for her starring role in The Lovers.

Why Yolanda Varela left the world of acting?

a Yolanda Varela Success followed in any film productions in which she participated, moreover, she had great joy working alongside important Mexican movie stars. But she had to leave all this to become a housewife after marrying producer Fernando de Fuentes in the early 1960s.

Once they got married, they had four children: Yolanda, Gabriella, Fernanda and Fernando, so their upbringing required a lot of attention. It was for this reason that Yolanda Varela He decided to put an end to his career, but at first he was shooting several more films.

was one of them “The Boy and the Wall” 1965. This work was awarded the Special Jury Prize at the Mar del Plata Festival, and at the Valladolid Festival in Spain, it was awarded a Silver Caravel.

In 2009, when he was 79, he died of a stroke, but his legacy lives on to this day.