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Yandy Diaz's hit boosts Tampa's attack (+Video)

Yandy Diaz's hit boosts Tampa's attack (+Video)

Major League Baseball A new round of meetings opened in the middle of this grueling regular calendar. Tampa Bay Rays appeared in “The field of the American family” To attend this series set against Milwaukee Brewers.

The two teams appear to have a different outlook, as the visitors come to the confrontation with 13 wins and 16 losses, while the hosts have a positive score of 17-10. (Data before the match)

Yandy Diaz was hit by the ball on his first shift

yandy He lined up first in the order and batted as the designated hitter. He arrived at home base to face Milwaukee's rookie deliveries, Bryce Wilson.

Trying as much as possible to stretch his patience to the max, the Cuban conceived three deliveries which resulted in two balls and a shot.

But for the fourth pitch, it was painful, as his 93.8 mph four-seam fastball affected Antilles' humanity. This struck at the level of his elbow, causing the member to have an immediate reaction of discomfort Tampa Bay.

Fortunately, the situation did not worsen and he was able to recover as quickly as possible. In this way, he ran to the first.

Shortly after, his teammates Richie Palacios and Randy ArozarenaThey were going to collapse platforms “The field of the American family”.

finally, Yandy Diaz He scored after a ground ball on a double play Isaac Paredesto put the score 1 x 0 in favor of Tampa.

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