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Pachuca defeats America and consolidates its position in second place

Pachuca defeats America and consolidates its position in second place

Match between American Eagles and Pachuca Gophers It was one of the most attractive matches of Round 16. The thing is that the Cuban players had the opportunity to continue adding points in the competition and being one point behind the visitors.

The match was played in Sports City StadiumHowever, it did not develop as expected, and although they were on the verge of tying the game, it was Charlene Corral's goal that scored the final goal to win the Pachuca club.

Pachuca Surprises

he The first goal was scored by Usme, by taking a free kick that initially seemed like it would go nowhere. However, it passed through the feet of a sea of ​​players and managed to sneak into Azulcrema's frame.

Then came the second, Charlene Corral, who took advantage of the pass and was aware of it Itzel Velasco's positionpumped and scored second.

Chinwendo He was able to score the third goal, by finding a chance ball near Al Hilal. The Tuzos player entered the area and scored with a shot that entered the goalkeeper's far post.

Response from America

In response, it was Katie Martinez who entered the area and found the ball in front of goal Archer of gophers-Deduction with sweep.

It was her own Katie Martinez Who scored a brace this time from a free kick. The Águilas player fired a perfect shot past the Pachuca barrier, placing herself near the left corner of the frame.

Finally, it was Charlene Coral The match that put an end to the American claims, because when the visitors were playing at their worst, they found the historic striker on the counterattack, who did not disappoint them and consolidated the Hidalgo team to second place in the league. Mexican Women's League.

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