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Toca Ferretti leaves Juarez: This is how he would have stopped being Braves' DT

Toca Ferretti leaves Juarez: This is how he would have stopped being Braves’ DT

Mexico City /

After a disastrous year, Ricardo Ferretti won’t last Juarez For next season after I decided not to renew the contract with the institution though There is a desire to continue.

Sources inside the club confirmed that between the two halves El Bigotón said goodbye to campus When you finish your participation in Closing 2022 The Council will meet headed by the President of the Republic Miguel Angel Garza to Let them see your decision.

Toca Contract ends with brave This month, despite the leadership’s desire to renew it, He did not want to continue with the institution Which Can not be saved from paying the fine to be the last place in the percentage table.

The mustache I accepted Juarez’s offer when Miguel Garza Take charge of the team with a goal Long-term project work as happened in Tigres, But in Opening 2021 They finished 16th with 16 points Closing 2022 In the last 11 units.

will be in The hour when the club makes Ferretti’s departure official Into the enterprise, waiting to see Who will replace him on the benchbecause now they want not to pay a fine the next year for football.

Toca Previously Resigned on more than one occasion to the club, but They didn’t want to accept her and she was trying to give her their trust The campus is no longer giving him out of the last positions of the table this semester.