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Tigres came back against Santos with a brace from Vigon: 3-2

Tigres came back against Santos with a brace from Vigon: 3-2

Great game in the volcano! Santos took the lead twice, but Tigres recovered and managed to come back thanks to a double from Juan Pablo Vigon that gave them a 3-2 victory in the final.

With this result, Robert Dante Siboldi’s men raised their tally to 11 points. The Lakes remain at 8 after this match is played, waiting for the fifth round. The fans left happy, only bad news from Guido Pizarro and Ozil Herrera who were both injured in the match.

Santos strikes first

Tigres started with a clear arrival of danger, and one of them almost ended with a wonderful goal, with a shot from outside the penalty area from Sebastian Cordova, but Manuel Lagood flew to his left to prevent that ball from reaching the goal.

On the first arrival of Santos, the team scored from the feet of Emerson Rodriguez, who received his back to the goal in the small area, and in that short space he was able to turn around to push the ball to make the score 1-0 at 12 minutes of work.

The fun was short-lived for Guerreros’ side, however, as shortly after fouling Sebastien Córdova, near the boundary on the left-hand side, André-Pierre Gignac took off, firing hard for the far post and although it was saved by the goalkeeper. He fired the ball, and that’s when Ozil Herrera came to life and pushed the ball into a sleepy defence, making it 1-1 in the 15th minute.

The cats looked better on the field than the visitors, and continued their attempt to attack, but Santos was miraculously saved. In the 45th +1 minute, Gignac would have received a long ball, and Lagood came out to cut it off the head. But the Frenchman launched the ball on the right side and caught the ball in the air to pass it, he was heading straight towards the goal, but he received a long ball, but Felix Torres was about to reach the finish line to block the goal.

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Santos got up early in the second half

In the 46th minute, Duvan Vergara sent a ball from the right into the penalty area, where Juan Brunita kicked it in and fired the ball into the air to score a stunning goal that put the Guerreros ahead again.

The Cats seemed to stir the party up again for Albeverdes’ side, when Cordova fired powerfully from outside the penalty area in the 48th minute, and when the ball deflected off the crossbar, Santos was saved.

Later, in the 62nd minute, the guests almost scored the third goal, but the ball hit the crossbar, in a match that witnessed a clash, and Fernando Guriaran came out, with the worst part.

In the 70th minute, Brunetta was on the verge of another great goal, as she found space and fired powerfully from three-quarters of the pitch. Nahuel Guzmán had already been beaten, but the ball went just over the top.

Thanks to VAR, Tigres equalised

In the 75th minute, after a rebound from a defender, Luis Quinones finished inside the area with his left foot, and crossed, a ball that Lagood was able to cover, but the ball was loose and Juan Pablo Vigon pushed it in; Initially, the defending champions scored a misplaced goal, but after a VAR review, it was deemed legitimate at 2-2.

Incredible failures!

First in the 83rd minute, Javier Correa scored the goal, when Duvan from the left flank sent a ball to the far post and a few meters away, the Santos striker finished the ball with a header without even directing the ball towards the goal, so that he seemed to clear the ball as a defender, and the ball passed parallel with the goal.

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Two minutes later, Gignac made the huge mistake. In a similar play, Quinones sent the pass to the second post from the right, where the Frenchman, incredibly, headed it to the side, although alone, without a mark.

The goal came in the 90th minute with a brace from Vigon!

Another goal in the 89th minute, Nico Ibañez couldn’t connect well with a header given to him by Vigón, but in the 90th minute Universidad made it 3-2, when Juan Pablo precisely swept the ball to make Volcan shake with this long ball. The agony of victory.