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Dominican National Team: Gerardo Suero has been suspended from the squad

Dominican National Team: Gerardo Suero has been suspended from the squad

From being one of “Che” Garcia’s favorites to not playing a single minute in the World Cup and sending troubling messages on social media

road dominican republic In the FIBA ​​World Cup, they have been almost perfect so far with three straight wins and a historic qualification to the second stage of the competition.

It’s said to be almost perfect because not everything is rosy. Officially, the Dominican Basketball Federation has issued a statement informing that Gerardo Suero will not be with the team that participates in the FIBA ​​World Cup.

It all seemed to start with a gesture of contention in the last half of the match against Angola in front of the coach Nestor “Che” GarciaWhich came, according to unconfirmed reports, due to his unwillingness to enter the game in the remaining time. Officially, Vedombal did not provide details of Suero’s separation from the team.

In this case, Suero’s position is surprising because for many perhaps his place in the national team should have gone to another player, although during the qualifying period Gerardo earned his “Che” appreciation and left unforgettable moments.

The 6’5″ goalkeeper did not see any action in any of the first stage matches of the tournament and in all matches it appears that this was by the coach’s decision.

The only way Gerardo Suero has expressed himself in this regard is through two messages he posted on his Instagram stories where one of them indicated that this is not the right time to refer to the topic.

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“We should focus on Puerto Rico and Serbia, Any other news at this time does not help the caseTime to talk, now let’s focus on these two games. Dominican,” Suero posted on his social networks.

The last to express himself in this regard is Captain Victor Lez who wanted to make it clear that he had nothing to do with what happened to Gerardo Suero and his place in the national team.

“I don’t have to send anyone here. It’s not my position. It was done by someone else here. It’s not up to me,” Liz said through a live broadcast on her Instagram account.That I ordered Gerardo to be fired? I’m a captain, owner of the federation? The bad things here are not applauded. Here we have no pretty faces with anyone. We are a team and we all sacrificed for the same goal.”

Liz also mentioned that anyone who is not on the same page with the team “unfortunately can’t be here”, adding that what Suero did at the bank was not “recommended”.