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HOME RUN By Jose Ramirez Gave Victory to Cleveland (+Video)

HOME RUN By Jose Ramirez Gave Victory to Cleveland (+Video)

Another competitive date was bid farewell on Monday, May 6 in the best baseball game in the world. As usual, there were players who became champions, establishing vital links to their quests. Among these, the Dominicans stood out Jose Ramirez.

The man from Kiskia lined up to be the third wood Cleveland Guardianin comparison they developed before the cast Detroit Tigers. The challenge was staged at Progressive Field and marked an important step in the ambitions of the teams who were seeking victory at all costs.

But let’s not waste time and travel to the zero moment. The sixth inning ended with one run on the scoreboard. Cleveland Guardian He has exhausted his role in the attack. Andres Jimenez opened the inning with a strikeout against starter Jack Flaherty, who had gone up to that point without allowing his opponent any freedoms.

Jose Ramirez He went to home plate and was the protagonist of a surprising event. The pitcher tried to control the hitter, but the Dominican pitcher got into a fierce battle. Finally, on the bowler’s seventh delivery, a big connection occurred.

Jose Ramirez equalized for Juan Soto

Ramirez, a four-time award winner Silver batHe took advantage of a ball in the inside area and made an effective swing. The ball departed at 93.4 mph and rose quickly in search of the stands on the right side of the venue. Home run! The advantage was clear on the board.

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The hit traveled 344 feet and marked the author’s seventh home run of the season. Likewise, the slow bowler drove in the 28th over, thus equalizing his compatriot Juan Soto In fourth place in the list of the best tugboats in the competition.

Cleveland Guardian They maintained (until May 6) first place in the American League’s Central Division, thanks to 22 victories and 12 defeats. Will they be able to enforce their rule and qualify for the postseason?