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Bill Gates’ Secret to Having a Good Memory at 68 – Teach Me About Science

Bill Gates’ Secret to Having a Good Memory at 68 – Teach Me About Science

Did you know that human memory can be improved regardless of age? Business mogul and one of Microsoft’s most important creators, Bill Gates, knows this. At 68 years old, he is one of the people with the best memory in the world. Here we reveal its secret to you.

William Henry Gates III, better known as Bill Gates, is one of the people responsible for creating one of the world’s most famous and optimal computer operating systems, Microsoft, as well as other technological advances brought about by his ingenuity.

In addition to all the technology he has created and positioned himself as one of the richest people in the world, Bill Gates is also known for his efficient memory, especially on topics that interest him.

To emphasize what memory is, more objectively, it is the ability to store and remember information of any kind optimally at any time in our lives, as we mentioned. Neuronub.

Likewise, Bill Gates himself has spoken about his extremely efficient memory when it comes to remembering things, and he even revealed his secret to working on this very important part of the brain.

Gates revealed through an article published in Gateway Note Blog Bill Gates How did you start? Obsession To improve your memory. Although her memory was really good from the beginning, everything got better when Bill Gates discovered her and read the book “Walking on the Moon with Einstein: The Art and Science of Remembering Everything.”

Al-Qutb expresses in his blog that this book completely changed his view on memory, as until that moment he did not know that it was a condition that could be worked on and improved.

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Image credit: Future Science

The book is written by a scientist named Joshua Foer, and he tells us stories about how Foer himself delved into a still completely unknown field of science: the mind. His approach to this type of study led him to memory competitions in the United States to study and analyze their participants.

Until then, Foer believed that these good memories were genetic; He had never thought that it was an ability that could be trained and developed to the maximum. He discovered that the memory of an ordinary person can perform very difficult memory tasks when well trained.

Bill Gates tells us in the same blog that the information that Foer was able to collect during his research led him to discover the techniques that people use to train their minds, especially memory.

The secret to improving memory is improving your visualization practice using a technique that comes from ancient Greece. This technique is based on visualizing solid images that contain the information you want to remember.

“Memory Palace” is how Gates describes it, a phrase that literally means that you should imagine a palace, a house, rooms, or any mental image that helps you remember something.

Bill Gates comments that this method comes from the story of a Greek poet, who, after the collapse, was able to remember the names of all the missing people simply by imagining where they were sitting during the tragic event.

Finally, Gates comments that this is the secret to working on his memory, which he tries to practice every day to continue improving it. As Foer says in his book, he implemented this technique for a year, eventually winning the US Memory Championship and even breaking a record by memorizing an entire deck of playing cards.

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Bill Gates emphasizes that this is not an easy task, it is something that represents effort and perseverance, days, weeks, months and even years of practice, however, the reward is worth it.

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