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Walmart is taking a step back and making changes to its payments

Walmart is taking a step back and making changes to its payments

Walmart’s self-checkout technology has benefited millions of people in the United States.

However, many others do not prefer to settle their purchases in this way. This payment variant has generated quite a few conflicts.

After analyzing all the opinions on this topic, Walmart has decided to reduce or modify its self-checkouts. This determination is similar to the decision adopted by chains such as Target and Dollar General.

However, Walmart will only be changing its payment method in some locations. Several stores in Shrewsbury, Missouri, and Cleveland are included. In this way, payment on lines operated by associated employees is encouraged.

Self checkout closes in 2023

According to a study by Business Insider, Walmart already eliminated self-checkout at three New Mexico stores last year: “We currently have no additional conversions to announce,” a Walmart spokesperson confirmed to CX Dive.

The decision was made after receiving feedback from employees and customers. Walmart executives decided, based on purchasing behavior and business needs, to eliminate self-checkouts at those locations.

“We believe the changes will improve the in-store shopping experience. Additionally, they will give our partners the opportunity to provide more personalized and efficient service.

Just a month ago, I targeted self-checkout lanes limited to 10 items or fewer. He also required greater control from all of his store managers.

Meanwhile, at Dollar General, self-checkouts have been reduced at thousands of locations. They then removed it entirely from the 300 sites rated as most vulnerable to theft.

Finally, in the case of Walmart, each store will be allowed to freely decide how many self-checkout registers it needs. Everything according to your current needs.