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"Tigers have no roof";  Piojo Herrera wants titles and emulates Tuca

“Tigers have no roof”; Piojo Herrera wants titles and emulates Tuca

San Nicolas de los Garza, NL /

Tigers are on the way to progress At the end of 2022With eight matches unbeaten and although the club appears to be close to the football ceiling, DT Miguel Herrera considered that They have no limit Hopes to get nicknames with each UANL.

“There is no ceiling, the ceilings are set by someone, we want to be as high as possible, and if the team falls, it is because you believe more and that this team has not won anything. Going back, we will think of Xolos, not think of anything other than game every week. This team is here to raise the titles and we have to emulate Ricciardo who left important marksbut we can’t think of an address if we don’t go step by step,” he declared.

El Piojo commented that Florian Thauvin .’s goal It wasn’t a coincidence, because he told the players that during the week Stephen Andrada Usually comes forward to cut positions.

“I don’t know if it was perfect, but we wanted to scratch in that aspect, the players were attentive, we had to take care of their striker, but I told them that when they want to cross, shoot the goal, because Andrada is an Aviva man, he has that intuition. That when the attacker lowers his head he walks forward and usually cuts crosses.”

“If they see repetition, Flo never turns around to see who’s shooting in the middle, bends and kicks gracefully, many would say “centred”, but no; He kicked on goal, that’s part of what has been worked on during the week and the team is doing it well,” he added.