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Agamez breaks Marlon Lecona's tire and defeats Vida Motagua at La Ceiba

Agamez breaks Marlon Lecona’s tire and defeats Vida Motagua at La Ceiba


Welcome to the minute by minute match of Vida and Motagua!

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the game: Life 1-0 Motagua

The end of the first half: Motagua loses 1-0 in La Ceiba against Vida Fernando Mira. The only goal of the fencing was scored by Colombian Rafael Agamez.

40′ Futile arrival to Motagua. Coconut trees do well in the defensive zone.

37′ GOOOOOOLLLLLIFE! A wonderful goal by Colombian Rafa Agmez after an exceptional display of coconut palms from the center of the defence. Live 1-0 victory for Motagua.

29′ Motagua’s Marcelo Santos has been booked for a foul against Juan Contreras.

24′ Phew … the savior of Pipo López; Carlos Mejia arrived, Marco finished but the one-handed coconut keeper saved his goal in a superb manner.

fifteen’ The relationship between Motagua and Vida continued in La Ceiba.

10Motagua tries to break through the Coconut Zone based on Iván López’s lead but the defense stops well.

5′ Vida arrives for the first time but Marlon Lecona misses and sends the ball to the corner kick. Motagua was saved.

The start: Vida and Motagua play at the Siebino Stadium. Blues Nene Obando goes for the win.

The teams go out into the field. Menni Obando and Fernando Mira greet each other on the benches.

Motagua lineup: Marlon Lecona: Marcelo Santos, Denel Maldonado, Marcelo Pereira, Omar Elver; Hector Castellanos, Juan Delgado, Carlos Mejia, and Lucas Baldoncel; Evan Lopez and Angel Tejeda.

Motagua fans arrived in droves to the Ceibeño Stadium.

Nene Obando officiated three matches against Motagua. He lost two and won one. Hurricane comes from falls in the last two games.

The match between cocoteros and azuls will be farewell to the head coach of César Obando in the capital club, since the arrival of Argentine Hernán “Tota” Medina next week.

Vida and Motagua are playing a great match in La Ceiba in order to make history 11 of Clausura Championship 2022. The game starts at 7:30 PM.