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This will be Disney’s third and new park in California

This will be Disney’s third and new park in California

Walt Disney once said, “Disneyland will never be complete. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination in the world.” And with that phrase in mind, everything points to Disney’s new park in California, which will become the third to be located on the West Coast, specifically in Anaheim.

“We want to bring more investment from Disney to Anaheim. However, that becomes more difficult given our current approvals and the limited space available in our parks today. Without updates, new Disney experiences and venue creations based on our beloved stories likely won’t come to Disneyland Resort.” As has happened at other parks around the world. With Disneyland ahead and more flexibility within our existing properties, new lands and adventures like those underway at Tokyo DisneySea and Shanghai Disneyland can inspire new experiences here,” Disney said on the official website. Disneyland.

For years, the company had two major parks in Anaheim. Disneyland Resort and Disney California Adventure. But, there will be a third and new Disney park in California if the authorities give the go-ahead.

The initiative began in 2021, with Disney announcing the campaign, called DisneylandForward, as a “long-term planning effort between Disney and the city.”

Way back in time, in the 1990s, Anaheim and The Walt Disney Company entered into a series of agreements that limited Disneyland’s expansion without express permission from the city. This forced the company to replace the attractions.

Now, local California authorities will review Disney’s proposals in early 2024, analyzing whether or not to approve the region’s third and newest park.

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The main image illustrating the report is a concept of how Disney plans the third park, and then a map of what the area will look like:

In addition to providing new opportunities for tourists, the creation of a third park will mean new jobs, as Disney is the largest employer in the region and is undoubtedly a magnet for the entire country.