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Summary of the match between Tigres and America (1-0)

Summary of the match between Tigres and America (1-0)

Monterey. New lion. /

With an exciting ending it was Tigers He was disqualified from the semi-finals against America In the liga mx feminil, The triumph of suffering 1-0 It wasn’t enough, in Amazon They missed a goal and the overall score is in favour Eagles 3-2, Therefore, the Cubans will play in their fifth final, while today they are proud of two titles, two titles Opening 2018 And this is from Close 2023; In Apertura 2022 and Apertura 2023 they fell in the Championship Series.

In case tigers, This is only the fourth time in the history of Liga MX Femenil that they have been eliminated from the final. This happened in opening 2017, Which was the first women’s tournament and Pachuca Eliminated Tigres in the semi-finals. Then in Clausura 2022, it falls with Chivas In the semi-finals, the last of which was in Clausura 2023 America, In this same case.

The return did not come

The first half was full of some emotions for my players UANL They don’t seem to feel pressured to come down 3-1 After meeting Ida at the Estadio Azteca, it didn’t happen until the second half Tigers It was all in order to qualify for the final, where they needed to win by two goals.

At 53′, Natalia Villarreal He had a play inside the box that looked like a team’s first goal amazon, But he almost fell and the ball reached the capital’s goalkeeper very quietly.

This was just the beginning of many dangerous plays the Cats would make, however Blue creams They have managed to get out of trouble time and time again; Despite this, the locals did not give up, and continued to insist.

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In the 90th minute, a shot came from outside the penalty area Lisbeth Offaly That had the name of the goal, but the goalkeeper Itzel Velasco He blocked and stole the goal from an Oriazol player. Then the penalty kick came with a handball inside the area.

Oval He was responsible for collecting and scoring the goal in the 92nd minute, adding excitement to the match, as they only needed one more goal to leave the field. America He came out and there were four minutes left on the clock.

They had the ball in the box and came close, but it wasn’t enough time and so it was America Who will search for another star and become alone, the second team with the most wins in Liga MX Femenil, the first is Tigers With six.

In the end, at the whistle to determine the first finalist, the fans in Vulcan started shouting “Get Milla out”, because they did not want Milagros Martinez As coach of Tigres Feminil, though, he led them to the top of the regular tournament.