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William Levy rages against the “mouths” he has “fed” that speak ill of him

William Levy rages against the “mouths” he has “fed” that speak ill of him

This time, Cuban released a strong message on Instagram, focusing on those who spoke badly about him.

What did William Levy say?

The actor participated in a writing in which he did not hesitate to choose words to address those who oppose him.

“I fed mouths that spoke ill of me.”He wrote at first without mentioning who he meant.

“I have raised people who They tried to bring me downHe continued: “Yes, life can be a little crazy, but I will not allow myself to be carried away by hatred towards others“.

After all that strange behaviorI’m still here, being me. Have a lovely Sunday, love you.”

This is the controversial message that William Levy spread against those who speak ill of him.

credit: MezCalent and William Levy/Instagram

Last Friday, the 17th of this month Sit who can! Journalist Alex Rodriguez read a letter he claimed the actress sent to him, in which he talked about what was published after the announcement of their separation, issued on April 9.

“” Very unfortunate what is happening “And what it says,” Alex Rodriguez said, citing Elizabeth Gutierrez.

“” It is an issue that should have been resolved as a family. As we always did. I would never speak ill of William Levy, he is the father of my children and I would never want to hurt him in any way.

“” What came out of the police was very disturbing For everyone, especially for our children,” the 45-year-old actress admitted.

William Levy calls 911: Concerned about his daughter and explains he knows nothing about her

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