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These are the 20 cities in the US with the highest rates of infidelity

These are the 20 cities in the US with the highest rates of infidelity

Ashley Madison in Columbus, Ohio leads the record for extramarital affairs (Getty Images)

ColumbusFrom the state Ohio, tops the list of US cities with the highest number of married people interested in extramarital affairs. This is what he revealed Fox News Digital Paul KeebleAshley Madison is the chief strategy officer of the dating site.

“We found that Columbus, Ohio, had the highest admissions per capita of any city in the U.S., which was fascinating because they weren’t even in the top 20 on our list last year,” Keeble explained. Fox News Digital, It points to a significant trend in prostitution behavior in the city, which was not noticed before.

The Ashley Madison report added two other Ohio cities to the list: Cincinnati no. 7 and Cleveland no. 13. “Clearly, something is happening in Ohio,” Keeble added. But this phenomenon is not limited to Ohio. According to the analysis, prostitution behavior does not differentiate between red, blue or purple states, and crosses different regions of the country, from tourist destinations to industrial cities.

On the list, Las Vegas, known as the “City of Sin,” is fourth (Image: Infobay)

Cities like Las VegasAlso known as “Sin City,” it came in at No. 4 on the list, which isn’t particularly surprising given its reputation for debauchery. However, the inclusion of less obvious cities like Buffalo, Baton Rouge and Tucson reflects that “infidelity is everywhere, regardless of your income, your profession or your location.”,” according to Keable. The data collected provides important insight to potential adulterers where there is more “action” in terms of infidelity.

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Ashley Madison’s annual report, known for its motto “Life is short. An Affair”, analyzes registrations on its platform to identify behavioral trends among its users.

This ranking includes other cities Miami, Orlando And Tampa Inside Florida And Atlanta Inside GeorgiaAmong many others.

What stands out the most in this list is Richmond, Virginia In sixth place. According to Paul Keeble, many people don’t consider this city to be a “promiscuous place”. However, due to its proximity to the nation’s capital, it is a hot spot for scandalous behavior.

Richmond, Virginia’s proximity to Washington, DC influences its high level of infidelity (iStock).

“A lot of people who live there work in Washington, D.C. or the political environment there. It’s the kind of city where we often find more members,” Keeble says. “Really, our business is based CanadaAnd we always saw in our capital, OttawaA very high percentage of users,” he added.

In the previous edition, Miami took the first place, but it was moved to the second place. However, Keeble highlights, Florida continues to have strong representation in the top 20, with other cities such as Orlando and Tampa making the list. “The Sunshine State continues to be a hotbed for betrayals,” he notes.

Although such large urban centers, it is important to highlight that NY, Angels And Houston Some of the sites with the highest number of registrations Ashley MadisonDon’t always lead the rankings on an individual basis.

Miami moved into second place, retaining Florida’s representation in the top 20 (archive).

Minneapolis and St. Paul in Minnesota, Cincinnati in Ohio, and Buffalo in New York are also part of this top 20, showing the wide geographic spread of this trend in the country. Cleveland and Denver also make an appearance, highlighting the presence of mid-sized cities in the event.

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Other cities worth mentioning include Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Spokane, Washington, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Tucson, Arizona, and Colorado Springs, Colorado. Each of these cities shows a significant tilt toward non-monogamy, according to Ashley Madison records.

Boise, Idaho, and Wichita, Kansas round out the list, pointing out that not only large cities, but also those with moderate populations have a significant presence of extramarital activity.