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Cuban Brothers Get Their Mother In America: We Did It Mom

Cuban Brothers Get Their Mother In America: We Did It Mom

Writing CubitaNOW ~ Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Two Cuban brothers welcome their mother to America and star in an emotional video after a long time.

This Cuban family lived a unique moment and shared pictures of that moment through social networks, where they moved many.

“Mommy, or we did it. Welcome mommy after 2 years without seeing you and my brother 6 today since she hugged you for the last time, the three of us together in this great country,” they wrote along with the audiovisual material of the moment.

“Come on, Nerida, welcome to Yuma,” someone hears the woman hug her two children again before getting out of the car.

“This is the most powerful video I’ve ever seen about someone coming”; “A mother’s love is the greatest in the world and it made me cry”; “Blessings for that beautiful mother, what a joy, how sad at the same time, raining blessings for being a good son,” some said while watching the video.

“What a blessing to have your mother with you, congratulations and blessings”; “My God, it doesn’t compare to anything”; “My God, how I wept,” said others, “blessing madam, come.”

Recently, Cuban blogger Boris Sancho also welcomed his mother to America after nearly six years of separation.

“A video before and after my life and my mother’s life. Welcome mother to the lands of the free”, Sancho wrote along with the audiovisual material shared on his Twitter account.

“That moment for me will be marked forever. That meeting was one of the most beautiful things that God and life gave me. That hug, well, what can I say about that hug?” The young man explained in his video.

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“Welcome my mother to the lands of the free, welcome to the new life,” he said, as the two reunited in a passionate embrace.

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