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Tax debts can cause you to lose your United States passport

Tax debts can cause you to lose your United States passport

The US government has the power to revoke the passports of people with tax debts.

Citizens cannot exceed $59,000.00 USD in outstanding obligations because the State Department will revoke their passports.

Americans living in disaster-declared areas are excluded from the measure. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) exempts certain Americans when they can demonstrate financial commitment with an inability to pay due to special circumstances.

Not long ago, a user was found to have a tax credit of $62,000.00 USD over 3 years. The man sued the IRS, but the Tax Court agreed with the federal agency.

The IRS has a duty to notify the State Department of the identity of tax delinquents. In the same way, the IRS notifies delinquents that their names are listed in the State Department.

Debtors should contact the IRS quickly to resolve the issue. This declaration is justified under the classification of CP508C and a serious crime reflecting section 7345 of the IRS Code.

The Internal Revenue Service has the law in its favor

The State Department will not renew passports and impose restrictions on registered residents for unfulfilled obligations. Statistics indicate an increase in passport cancellation cases and the IRS has always backed the law.

Another example happened with a person who contracted a $100,000.00 USD loan to the tax authorities for 8 years. The man claimed that the IRS had not sent him a CP508C notice, but the court found that ignorance did not absolve him of liability.

The IRS reports that the certificate is withdrawn from the state department when the debt is settled or no longer officially required. Another reason to be released from a government agency is that tax evasion is not a serious crime.

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When the debt is settled, the IRS has 30 days to return the certificate from the Department of State. After that month, the passport is valid for the taxpayer.