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Here are six common diseases you may be suffering from

Here are six common diseases you may be suffering from

Fingernails and toenails are important for the body because they are responsible for protecting the various tissues found in the fingers.

According to Medline PlusWebsite of the US National Library of Medicine, Nails are made up of many layers of hard protein called keratinIt is also found in hair and skin.

The health of the nails can be an indicator of general health and their appearance is usually smooth and evenly colored. Significant changes in its origin or development may “indicate various lung, heart, kidney and liver diseases, as well as diabetes and anemia,” says the library.

Similarly, Nails can be affected by many diseases Journal specializing in health and lifestyle Life ePosted by portal Game WorldClever:

Nail tumors

Although they are not very popular, they are more common than believed. He explains that most are benign and the most common are “enlargement fibroma, nail warts, myxoid cyst and onychopapilloma”. Life e.

The treatment depends on the severity of each, Which is determined by an expert. In some cases, special care is sufficient, while other tumors require surgical intervention.

Skin diseases

Some skin conditions, such as alopecia areata or chronic dermatitis, can affect the nails. However, this is not routine and should be diagnosed by a doctor after a series of tests.

Developed toenail

Toenails are formed when the edge of a nail is drilled into the skin. An ingrown toenail can be the result of many causes, explains Medline Plus.

Among the most frequent factors are: footwear that is inappropriate and nails that are not properly adjusted. In addition, some defects of the feet, hands or fingers can cause extra stress and nails to grow.

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Nail fungus is also commonly known as onychomycosis, which occurs when it appears A white, brown or yellow discoloration, which can occur on a nail Then spreads to other toes. This damage can cause the nails to harden or break.

People with diabetes are more likely to develop toenails. – Photo: Getty Images / iStockPhoto

Beauty web portal Hello Onychomycosis refers to infections that occur on the nails of the feet and hands and are caused by various fungi.

Brittle nails

If the nails are brittle or brittle, it is often a natural result of aging. Portuguese Portal for Health, Nutrition and Health Tua Saude Other causes of having weak nails: nail biting; Use cleaning products without protection; Anemia; Thyroid disorders; Skin diseases or diet low in nutrients and vitamins.

You can use topical products to treat brittle nailsIt is also possible to make changes in the diet and add vitamins such as A, B6 and B12.

Pincher nail

It is not a very common condition and usually affects middle aged or older women. This pathological nail has a tendency to bend as it grows like a tile, causing severe pain when wearing socks or shoes.

Nails in clamps May be associated with problems such as arthritisIf you notice similar changes in your legs, you should see a doctor.