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Police have identified the body of a girl who died in 1974

Police have identified the body of a girl who died in 1974

The Florida District Police in Palm Beach (USA) identified the body of a 15-year-old girl who died on Thursday. 1974 He also sought the help of people to find the mother of the victim woman who was known to be alive and tell her the news.

The girl was found tied to a tree in a swamp in the area of ​​Burnt Bridges. 1974Police said at a news conference that it was identified almost 50 years later due to technological advances.

Detective Bill Springer identified the victim Susan Poole And asked for “clues” from citizens to find the young woman’s mother 90 yearsIn order to bring “peace” in the family.

Police want to talk to three friends who live near the victim whose family reported him missing in nearby Fort Lauderdale on Christmas 1972.

At the time of her disappearance, the girl was living with her parents and several siblings in a house where she had previously fled, although it is not known if this was so or if she was abducted by the killer.

While there is already a theory about what happened, police hope friends can provide some new clues about the crime.

Gerard Schaefer, a former police officer, is being investigated for allegedly being the victim of a serial killer pool, which he is believed to have killed and killed twenty women and teenagers.

After finding Poole’s body, authorities took DNA samples and added them to the National Database for Unidentified Persons.

However, it was only later last year that experts at Othram Lab conducted genetic tests on the pool’s remains, which resulted in the identification of the victim.