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Alana Lliteras left La Casa de los Famosos and her immediate reaction surprised everyone

Alana Lliteras left La Casa de los Famosos and her immediate reaction surprised everyone

ego Excrement He finished in fourth place The famous house 2024 And I just went out and met the fans again, He had a position that surprised many Although he was eliminated seconds before the race for first place and the exciting prize awarded by the reality show.

Alana’s position when leaving La Casa de los Famosos

The young woman caught everyone’s attention when she dropped out of fourth place and lost the chance to take first place. As soon as she came out, all the lights were directed at her.

And what did he do? with Radiant smilee, he welcomed the fans who were present in the studio and told them She was grateful for his help in reaching this final position.

Although many fans expected to see her somewhat frustrated because “it was too much,” according to the networks thermometer, she did not hesitate to express her gratitude for her accomplishment.

Moments before her turn, it was Geraldine Bazan who left the house in fifth place.

The impression it left on Alana

Jimena Gallego, who hosted the program alongside Nacho Lozano, conducted a detailed analysis of the five finalists, highlighting the qualities that made them go this far in the competition.

Alana, famous for winning Top Chef VIP Last year, he shined once again thanks to his unconditional love for cooking at La Casa. “Alana has a great love for cooking and truly loves cooking. It’s his way of giving loveGallego commented.

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Her passion and culinary skills have not only earned her the love of her colleagues, but also the unconditional support of the audience who follows her closely.