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“Glad he got out of this scam” from “The House of Celebrities” – El Financiero

“Glad he got out of this scam” from “The House of Celebrities” – El Financiero

Actress Niorka Marcos commented in a TikTok video after the departure of her son, Emilio Osorio: “I am very happy, the truth is that the family is united again.” Mexico’s famous house how Fifth runner-up.

The 55-year-old singer and dancer attended the show’s parties, but then began an ongoing controversy with the production of the reality show.

As a result, last Friday he was unable to go to the recording set to greet Emilio, as his father, Juan Osorio, had to wait for him on the street. In this regard, in his videos, he thanked someone who showed them what was happening so that they could watch, since they also did not have any information.

“I am very Glad Emilio got out of this *nonsense* of scamI am intrigued because my son accomplished his mission of introducing himself to all people, that is what matters to us. I am not sad that he did not win. That was not the pointsaid the star on TikTok.

Niorka is accused of fraud in The House of Famous Mexico

Nyurka added that her son’s earnings were “very good” every week at the school Mexico’s famous housea program produced by Rosa María Noguerón Hernández, in addition, he is going to Italy and stated that he would take care of all the “hate” he received.

“We were He prays that they will take her out! That’s why we jumped with happiness and tears … They managed to confirm what cowards That there are some callers in this show business, and that when the person isn’t there, they spew out so much *nonsense and ‘hate’… how sad it is that they dedicate their minds to hurting others! “

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Likewise, she recounted that before he entered, he had already told her what she had experienced through her experience in an earlier edition of famous house to which he participated and revealed what he said to him when he finally got out: I said in his ear Rosa Maria could not cheat, and people and I would not allow her“.

In particular, Nyurka emphasized that the producer of the program wanted to use her: “All things that Rosa Maria assimilated are no more because she began to assimilate them with me, I didn’t even know it existedHe thought he could catch me for a tongue, crashed into the Berlin Wall“.

Why did Niurka fight with the production of “La Casa de los Famosos México”?

He criticized the Cuban, who also participated in one of the editions of Big Brother VIP Mexico’s famous house To favor members like Jorge Llosa, even He called on followers to opt out of Vix+:

“Record your Vix+ cancellation and flag me. Let’s show that the general rules are.”Niurka Marcos commented in a video shared on Instagram.

In addition, after Emilio Osorio was nominated for the first time, The Driver Diego D’Eris comment that Nyurka will not be able to save her son. than to become the next candidate.

She replied: “Well, if you don’t put your hands up, maybe yes, Diego. Real?” I hope you don’t put your hands up and let the audience play.”

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The Cuban went on to complain that Spanish actor Jorge Llosa had won four times in the house captain selection challenges and confirmed That the program was intentionally fixed.

In addition, he spoke of their willingness to sue him: “My contacts just notified me…they’re hanging in there about ViX+And They are going to sue me for publicly losing them… Why would it be? They will sue me because I am that voice that accompanies people… well, sue me. Any scenario suits me.”

Who wins The House of Famous Mexico 2023?

The house reaches its final day today with only four contestants, all from the “Infierno” team, as the production decided at the last minute to disqualify the fifth finalist:

he The final prize is 4 million Mexican pesoswhich the five finalists on “Team Infierno” agreed to distribute in this way:

  • 1 million pesos for each of the four finalists.
  • A trip to Italy for two for the fifth final stage: in this case it was Emilio Osorio.