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An Italian magazine provides unpublished information about the operation that Kate Middleton underwent

An Italian magazine provides unpublished information about the operation that Kate Middleton underwent

Rome.- Last January, the Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton It would have been operated by an Italian team from Gemili Clinic, the hospital where Pope Francis usually stays in this capital. Neither Gemelli nor the London clinic, where the scheduled abdominal surgery was performed at the beginning of the year, would confirm or deny. The copy appeared in the Italian magazine the people Which went on sale on Friday.

the people It can be revealed that the operation that the Princess of Wales underwent last January in London It was performed by an Italian team from Gemelli Clinic“wrote the publication, which did not provide any further details and which reported the indiscretion at the end A cover story focused on the health of King Carlos III who, according to the magazine, was “extremely dangerous.”

In a video that shocked the world on March 22 Kate Middleton announced that she has cancer – without specifying his type – and that he is undergoing chemotherapy to treat himself.

According to the newspaper Republic, This echoed information from Genty magazine, and he was among those who would have been admitted to the operating room in London Giovanni Scambia, Gynecologist and Scientific Director of the Gemelli Clinic, one of the Italian centers of excellence in some areas of oncology. “Scambia is a big name in his field, internationally as well, and has a large number of cases under his belt, which is something In recent years it has also led him to collaborate with colleagues from other countries, including the UK“, wrote the Italian newspaper.

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In the days following Kate’s video, this doctor, like many other experts and oncologists, was questioned by the media for his opinion. On that occasion, he spoke about the possibilities of modern medicine in the face of the little known about the health of the wife of the British Crown Prince. William. “On the assumption that A abdominal tumors, It should be remembered that oncological treatments in the gynecological area have improved significantly and become effective. And A large portion of patients are cured“He said, as he recalls Republic, Who, in any case, considered it “strange” to send an entire team from an Italian operating room to London.

King Charles III in his first public appearance after suffering from cancer

King Charles III, at his first public event after being diagnosed with cancer – Credits: @SUZANNE PLUNKETT

King Charles III was also He was diagnosed with cancer, In your case, in February. Buckingham Palace said that during the royal’s operation to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia in January – at the same clinic where Kate was admitted – a “separate matter of concern” was noted. The palace said other diagnostic tests identified “a type of cancer,” although they did not specify its type either.

Although King Charles III (75 years old) appeared in public for the first time in London last Tuesday alongside Queen Camilla at a cancer treatment center after doctors said they were both infected. “Very encouraged” by the progress in his treatment, According to the magazine the people “It’s very dangerous.”

“Sources close to the royal family talk about Carlos’ weakness the mom “Bones give him no rest,” noted the Italian newspaper, which also echoed various versions about the king’s “difficult” health and even talked about the plan already ready for his funeral, Operation Menai Bridge, the code name that alludes to a bridge designed by Thomas Telford in 1826 that connects the island of Anneliese with the city of Wales. It is one of the first modern suspension bridges.

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