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The House of Famous is over but the poisonous game continues

The House of Famous is over but the poisonous game continues

Finalists from The House of Famous Mexico

Written by Alejandro Ferregrino-. A major component explaining the overwhelming success of La Casa de los Famosos México—in addition to the appeal of the reality show’s winner, Wendy Guevara—was the rivalry that existed among some of the locals. a house.

While many of us thought it was all part of the show and meant to amuse viewers, some situations—especially from the finalists—showed us that controversies and toxicity overtook the show.

For example, a few days ago, “Cuéntamelo Ya” invited the finalists from “Team Infierno” as part of the media tour they had during the days following the final of the reality show.

You are history, simple one.

Within the framework of the interview, the production showed a piñata of a puppet very similar to Jorge Llosa, with which several members of “Infierno” had some disagreements.

Enter risas, Poncho de Nigris, Sergio Mayer, Nicola Porcella y Emilio Osorio golpearon la piñata, with gritos como “Ahora sí te gané, Albacete” y “Eres historia, Albacete”, en referencia al español, a quien apodaban así dentro de la a house.

During his stay on the reality show, Llosa fell out with many of his colleagues, especially with Poncho de Nigris and with Sergio Mayer, who on one occasion accused him of taking help from the production, which he wanted to see in the final.

“game over”

On several occasions after leaving La Casa de los Famosos, Jorge Losa referred to the problems he had with the ‘Infierno’ team, but this time he said he was sad about the piñata with his image.

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“Inside it is a game, what I don’t understand is when we go out, it is no longer a game, we are in real life (…) What is the need to continue like this if the game is over?”

“I have every right to say what I feel. Honestly, I felt so sad when I saw this,” he said in an interview with Gustavo Adolfo Infante.

bad people

But the piñata wasn’t the only sign that some of the members haven’t gotten over what happened on the reality show and have gone further.

Poncho de Negris surprised many with his remarks about Sofia Rivera Torres and Verca, whom he called “bad guys” and “rotten-hearted”.

This was during an interview on Televisa Monterrey.

It is for this reason that the public has eliminated them so quickly (…) I do not foresee a good future for them unless they change their attitude. They have a poisoned heart. Verka and Sofia corroded inside.

On social networks, opinions are divided between those who attack the positions of the “Team Infierno” and those who defend that, although the show has ended, little time has passed.

In contrast, Grand Winner Wendy Guevara wanted to leave everything behind, and was seen living well with Firca and Sofia, and also avoided hitting the piñata, even though she was having fun at the time.

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